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Wang Ting appeared in the brand show with elegant temperament, personality and fashion

Recently, Wang Ting appeared in the brand show, wearing a light blue dress with a pink handbag, light brown curly short hair, delicate and three-dimensional facial features, dotted with Star Earrings to show the beauty of details. The double-layer neck chain has both personality and fashion. Stepping on the black one line high-heeled shoes, Wang Ting is full of charm and graceful posture. Under the background of light and shadow, Wang Ting performs the ultimate beauty. The overall shape is elegant and elegant without losing the feminine beauty.

It is reported that Wang Ting's new plays "perfect relationship" and "guitar brother" (also known as Yisheng yifengming) will also be broadcast one after another to meet you. I hope she will bring more different surprises to the audience!