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He Chaoyi hasn't washed jeans for 20 years or will sing with her husband for the first time

Recently, he Chaoyi attended the opening party of the jeans exhibition in Hong Kong and showed up in a royal blue suit with eye-catching red hair. 'freedom is said to have never used 3D jeans in the United States for 20 years, but I didn't like it very much. "In addition, there are posters of the movie Victoria one and the album of her idol Anita Mui. He Chaoyi describes Anita Mui as the local god of fashion in those days. Just like lady gaga now, she has done a lot of unconventional things.

On April 6, he Chaoyi will hold a concert with the band he Chao and Josie the uni boys in Hong Kong. At present, the tickets have been sold out. As for the Qingming Festival, she joked: "it's really after visiting the mountain that she came to see me. 'he Chaoyi revealed that the visual effect of this concert was better than that of the last one, so she called her friends including LMF and 24 Wei to have a good time together, so that she, a band that has been in the army for 10 years, could pay tribute to her predecessors. In addition, we also invited a rock godfather who likes purple to be our mysterious guest.

Asked if her husband, Chen Zicong, who is a member of 24 flavors, will sing with her at that time, he Chaoyi laughs and tells the story: 'guess! He doesn't sing very often. I've asked him to come to the stage, but he's very timid. I don't know what will happen in the end. This will be the first time for us to sing together. In fact, they have a song that I've been recording for 10 years, but it hasn't been released. "Before they bought a beatbox, my husband Chen Zicong improvised a song. At that time, she was already asleep. When she got up in the middle of the night, her husband told her that she still owed a girl voice." at that time, the voice was not turned on, and he helped them sing two words. This time, I will force him to publish this song. '