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Wu Qingfeng's "singer" issue 11 of 2019 "Hua Tian CuO" hits the audience

In the 11th issue of "singer" 2019 broadcast on March 22, singer Wu Qingfeng brought a song "huatiancuo", which is quite different from the style of the previous ten issues. On the basis of Beijing opera singing, the song also incorporated rap elements. Qingfeng frankly said that it was "a challenge" of her own. In addition, Wu Qingfeng also spent a lot of time on clothes, wearing a cape is very eye-catching, attracting netizens to call 'super a'.

Choosing songs depends on fate. A hummingbird takes you through the world of flowers

This season's "singer" has come to the 11th issue. For Wu Qingfeng, who once said that he wanted to create a concept album on the stage of "singer", there is a story behind the song selection in this issue. For this song selection, Wu Qingfeng said that he was faced with two demons. First, nine years ago, he appeared in the prelude of a moment in ten years, a piece of Peking opera singing in Beijing. Another is in the interview after the fifth issue, Wu Qingfeng answered that he had not considered the rap style. The reason why he chose is that before the program started, when he was planning his own song selection list, he just heard a song "Hua Tian CuO" on the taxi radio and was hit, so he added this song to his song selection list. After the tenth issue of hummingbird, the song reappears in front of Qingfeng. In this regard, Qingfeng said frankly that the world is a flower field for a hummingbird. In this colorful world, maybe what I often do makes you think it's a wrong decision, but every decision will not be wrong for me. Every decision makes me grow. '

He made a special visit to famous Peking Opera masters to break through the demons and gain high praise

In this issue of singer, Wu Qingfeng tried to combine Peking Opera with rap for the first time. The original song "Hua Tian CuO" was originally adapted from the Peking Opera of the same name, which tells a series of stories of yin and Yang mistakes in Hua Tian sacrifice. It is also very consistent with the Peking opera form chosen by Qingfeng. For this reason, Wu Qingfeng specially practiced Peking Opera for a long time and made a special trip to Beijing to pay homage to the famous Peking Opera master song Xiaochuan and prepare for his performance. In addition, Greeny Ng, who is ready to make complaints about himself, has also added several Rap to his songs. Although he has told his music partner Guo Tao Tucao that he sang Rap like "the number of treasure", but after the performance, facing the breakthrough, Greeny Ng sighed, "this time, because of my own willingness to break through the two big demons, I think I still love so many times." The first phase of the project.

As for the performance of this period, the praise and encouragement on the Internet are endless. Many netizens said that 'the appearance of throwing the Cape is too a! 'Qingfeng has courage to walk out of the comfort zone like this! This adaptation is a surprise! '。 It can be seen that Wu Qingfeng's courage to break through his past behavior is still fruitful.

What wonderful performance will Wu Qingfeng bring about in the next round? At 22:00 on March 29, Hunan Satellite TV will be locked, and more highlights of "singer" 2019 are waiting for you!