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Xiangshui has killed 64 people. Xu Dong prays for Meng Fei to denounce media inaction

On March 21, an explosion occurred in Xiangshui Chemical Industrial Park in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. The shock wave of the explosion spread around, shattered the glass and overturned the doors and windows; The headquarters of 21'xiangshui tianjiayi company held the second news conference on the 23rd to introduce the relevant situation: as of 7:00 on the 23rd, 64 people had been killed in the accident, among which 21 were critically ill and 73 were seriously injured;

On the morning of March 23, actor Xu Dongdong forwarded the report, with the expression of a prayer and a candle. Although Xu Dongdong didn't publish any words, it can be seen that she felt sorry for the victims of the accident. Maybe after seeing the casualties, she can't use words to describe her heavy heart at the moment;

In the event of such a big casualty accident, the hot search on microblog still has the most star gossip news, but there is no hot search on this accident. The host Meng Fei can't help but angrily rebuke: "some media turn a blind eye to it, some media understate it, and the hot search is full of all kinds of star gossip.";

Later, Meng Fei replied in his comments: "we need the gossip of top flow artists these two days. We need to see who comes out at the critical moment. It can be seen that Meng Fei means that the mainstream media are concerned about star gossip, but no one reports it. Or, it needs the gossip of top flow artists to distract the public from the explosion accident;

After the accident, it's true that the attention of stars and media is not enough, and the attention of well-known artists is even less. At this critical moment, Xu Dongdong and Meng Fei dare to blog, are not afraid of others' words, and are very true. Meng Fei's outspokenness is like opening the 'fig leaf' to the public;

Xu Dongdong, on the other hand, is the kind of person who has always been quietly supporting behind her back. Every time various events happen, she will always stand up for the first time, or pray or support, or give help or patriotic protection. The so-called "moistening things silently" may be that she is like this. Without strong intervention, she will not be indifferent;

It is hoped that there will be more artists with true temperament in the circle, such as Xu Dongdong and Meng Fei. Whether they are strong voice or silent support, as long as they have the correct guidance, pay attention to social events rather than indulge in star gossip, and lead the people to the good moral character of truth, goodness and beauty;

In fact, everyone is very sad to have such a major accident, and the number of casualties is also increasing with the rescue, which makes netizens all over the country cry for it, and the rescue officers and soldiers on the front line are also very hard, they are the great heroes of the people.