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LV Jiarong shows up at the airport! Wearing "little red cap" to block the camera of reporters, fans

March is a good time for girls to go out and play. Different dressing styles, makeup combinations and fashion items have become the 'trendy tools' for many people to show their personality. Actress LV Jiarong is closely following the current popular fashion elements. Known as the' airport cargo Queen ', she recently appeared in the airport in red and white casual clothes. Her temperament is cool and eye-catching, and her fans are enthusiastic The sign picked her up, which attracted many passers-by's attention.

The coming of spring makes people feel more excited. In this sweet season with infinite hope, the collocation of clothing certainly can't use simple black and white ash to decorate the body like winter. LV Jiarong's recent collocation is very suitable to be summed up in one sentence - people who know collocation dare to decorate themselves with color.

This red knitted hat not only covers the heat preservation function of both cold and warm, but also brightens the overall tone. It also echoes with the knitted coat of the upper body. It can lock the eyes of the crowd at a glance, which is very playful. The slightly thinner coat with black lining, simple strength control is very good, but not too monotonous, in color and length are perfect fit LV Jiarong snow-white skin and thin body, light and gentle.

When waiting for her luggage at the airport, LV Jiarong seems very comfortable and bored. Her busy work schedule doesn't seem to bring her too much pressure. From the skin state of her plain face, her delicate and soft face looks energetic and energetic. A pair of black sunglasses can't cover her sweet temperament, just a little bit more cold. Lv Jia is rather shy in character Rong's first reaction to the media reporters was to "hide from the camera". It seems that no matter how beautiful the goddess is, there are times when she is shy!

Fans are the 'backup force' of artists along the way. When LV Jiarong appeared at the airport, he was warmly welcomed by fans all the way. While greeting the goddess with an eye-catching 'attention ceremony', he cheerfully called her name like family and friends. The 'screen queen' on the screen was not as cold as that on TV. On the contrary, LV Jiarong made people feel kind and kind, like everyone around her Want to get close to the sunshine girl, this is one of the reasons why her fans have been inseparable for many years!

This year, Lu Jiarong, who has been busy with new works and various activities, rarely appears in front of the public, making many fans shout: Jiarong, long time no see! Although the character of "cold outside and hot inside" is a little bit slow, it does not prevent netizens from having a great impression on many of her roles. For example, today's unique style of fashionable spring clothing is very similar to the posture of "sister Lan" in "my nanny manual". She is tall, thin, cool and beautiful. Indeed, she is president LAN!