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Yu Wenwen, star of the film "back to earth", made a surprise appearance

Recently, the release conference of cinema film "back to earth" was held in Beijing, starring Yu Wenwen, producer Huang Yi, Wang Ziming and director Hou Jiyuan. As the heroine of the film, Yu Wenwen made an amazing appearance at the press conference in a sport Max Khaki patchwork dress and playful embellishment with Simone Rocha retro pearl leather shoes.

Talking about the role of Chang'e, Yu Wenwen also said that it was very challenging. After all, Chang'e in everyone's heart is different. In addition, Chang'e is also a mythical character. It is the most important thing for us to try our best to play this role and hone our acting skills. When it comes to the part I'm most looking forward to, it's my role-playing. First, I need to play the fairy and beautiful Chang'e, second, I need to play Chang'e's ignorance when she first arrived on the earth, third, I need to wear the spacesuit when she finally landed on the moon. All these are new challenges for her.

It is reported that this is also Yu Wenwen's first film after the fire of "ex 3: goodbye to ex". In 2018, she has been focusing on the music business, so we have to look forward to her acting in films and TV series again. Two time and space, a grand adventure, we wait and see that Yu Wenwen can bring us more classic works.