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Shi Shi's fashion street photo: strolling around New York, performing retro fashion

Recently, Shi Shi has exposed a group of fashionable Street Photos. In the photos, she is wearing a khaki windbreaker with a nude makeup, a retro coffee waist bag, and jade green earrings. She has a delicate smile. She walks in the streets of New York with an umbrella in the snow. Her hair is bright and moving. Shi Shi perfectly combines heroism and elegance, with a smile and a twinkle Show charming intellectual temperament.

Shi Shi, who plays Cai Wenxin, a policewoman in the archives group, is currently on the air in Tencent. It is reported that his new plays "secret and great", "the lion's reflection of laimao" and the film "journey" will also meet with you one after another. She is currently filming a new drama sweet in Ningbo, looking forward to Shi Shi's wonderful performance.