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Wu Qingfeng's official MV of hummingbird

A few days ago, Wu Qingfeng released the first original new single "hummingbird" in 2019. As soon as the single was launched, it was highly praised by Wu Qingfeng for its clear voice and highly positive lyrics, and achieved proud results in all major music platforms. On March 21, the official version of the song MV was officially launched. The combination of light and bright color and style with the song highlights the theme of the song. It is like a powerful hummingbird, guiding people to break through the dark and find the light.

Hummingbird in MV, leading people forward in the dark

As for the song "hummingbird", Wu Qingfeng is also worthy of the title of musical talent. While composing his own lyrics, music and composition, he also acted as the lead singer, producer and supporting singer, and even took part in the cover painting himself. His talent can not be underestimated. In the MV of hummingbird, Qingfeng also appears in multiple identities, sometimes as a creator wandering for inspiration, sometimes as a painter piling up dreams, sometimes as a musician playing with himself, sometimes as a 'hummingbird' dancing in the dark, pointing directly to the theme of the song, "maybe we have our own appearance, maybe we are small, but everyone can be the light of others.". '

Create theme song for Inspirational drama, proud of data

"I want to be myself, and I want to be your light." the song "hummingbird" is a theme song tailored by Wu Qingfeng for the annual youth inspirational drama "I'll wait for you in Beijing". The light tunes and inspirational lyrics fit well with the drama. Qingfeng's clear and clean voice adds a lot of points to this smart song. It seems that there is a tiny hummingbird in the melody, which leads the people living in the deep heart through the darkness to find the light.

In addition to its bright style, "hummingbird" is also a brilliant song in terms of data. As soon as the song is online, it has achieved remarkable results. The first minute of online comments exceeded 999 +, and the second minute of online comments exceeded 10000 +. On the second day of online, it won the double champion of Yin music platform's soaring list and new song list, and then it started the mode of dominating the list, ranking first in many music charts for a long time.

In addition, Wu Qingfeng also sang the song in the tenth issue of singer 2019. As soon as the program was broadcast, topics related to "Wu Qingfeng hummingbird" immediately ranked in the top 15 of the hot search list. The popularity of the song can be seen from this.

It is worth mentioning that at 22:00 on Friday night, Wu Qingfeng will bring "Hua Tian CuO" on the 11th issue of "singer 2019". In the new arrangement, not only rap but also Peking Opera are integrated, which is also a bold attempt for Wu Qingfeng. Let's look forward to his wonderful performance!