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Joey Yung and Zeng Letong present at the brand press conference

Recently, Royal entertainers Joey Yung and Zeng Letong were invited to attend a new season's handbag launch of a certain brand. Joey Yung wears a printed dress with a brown red handbag. Zeng Letong's color matching dress looks cute and sweet with white handbags.

Recently, Joey Yung has been busy with her work. Before that, she attended the first KKBOX awards ceremony and sang as the finale singer. At the press conference, Joey Yung revealed that he was going to work in Hokkaido with Guan Zhibin, and he had to learn to ski this time. I didn't learn it last time. I'm afraid of skiing and I'm not interested in it. I'm afraid of getting hurt this time. I can't afford to get hurt before the concert. After finishing her Hokkaido work, Joey Yung will hold her 20th Anniversary Concert in August.

I feel very happy to be invited to buy the handbag. Zeng Letong also said that she liked today's look very much, and revealed that a new song "Sun egg" will be released in April. I hope you will continue to support it.

In 2019, the 20th anniversary of her debut, Yung Zuer always pursues music in her heart and in her way. Zeng Letong, who just started her career, is also a music dreamer, constantly exploring and enterprising to find the true music. Looking forward to Joey Yung's 20th anniversary concert and Zeng Letong's new song "Sun egg"~