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Wang Mengli plays xuanzhu in "three thousand crows kill" and has a funny group photo with Zhao Lusi

Produced by mango TV and new power film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Lu Guoqiang, a gold medal producer, is the chief producer. The costume drama "three thousand crows kill" directed by Hui Yu has been launched in Xiangshan. The play is starred by Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi, Liu Yitong, Wang Mengli, etc. with beautiful men and women gathered together, it can be said that it is very eye-catching. Adapted from the ancient IP novel of the same name, the play tells a pitiful and beautiful love story. This time, Wang Mengli plays the role of 'xuanzhu'. In the crew, Wang Mengli has a good relationship with Zhao Lusi and Liu Yitong, and often sends some funny group photos. In the group photos, everyone is very naughty and lovely.

Wang Mengli, an actress from mainland China, has appeared in many excellent works. In 2015, she played the No.1 female Fang Hui in the online drama "that year in a hurry: long time no see". Her sweet appearance and smart acting skills are deeply loved by the audience. In 2016, she also starred in the urban romantic fairy tale drama "the starry sky and the sea", in which she played Wu Liangliang, a cold and calm returned woman doctor. Wang Mengli, who is low-key and hardworking, signed a contract with DuoMeng culture in 2018, and then played the role of "xuanzhu" in "three thousand crows". I don't know what wonderful performance he will have this time? I'm really looking forward to it!