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"Three thousand crows kill" official Xuan Zuo Zichen, played by Liu Yitong, arouses heated discussio

Recently, mango TV and new power film culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced the ancient costume drama "three thousand crows killed" directed by Hui Yu. Lu Guoqiang, a gold medal producer, acted as the chief producer, Qian Duoduo, a senior artist director, acted as the casting director. The play is adapted from the ancient IP novel of the same name and starred by Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi, Liu Yitong and Wang Mengli. This time, Liu Yitong played the role of "Zuo Zichen" in the play. Once he was officially announced, it attracted countless attention!

It is reported that Liu Yitong is currently studying in Beijing Film Academy. After signing a contract with DuoMeng culture in 2018, he played in the ancient costume drama sword Dynasty supervised by Feng Xiaogang for the first time, and played the role of Fusu in the drama. He also played Ji Chen in sword Dynasty fanwaipian. In the same year, he played the role of brother Li Yitong's Lu Wenpu in the large-scale costume TV series "Hezhe Huating", and then played the role of detective expert Qin Liufeng in the costume love drama "Tianlei: spring flowers and Autumn Moon". What kind of surprise will Zuo Zichen, who plays in the costume drama three thousand crows kill, bring us? Let me wait and see!