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Several new songs on the list in succession

With the popularity of the TV series "Yitian Tulong Ji", the interlude "only you in this life" sung by singer Zhou Shen has aroused heated discussion among netizens once it is online, and has also handed in brilliant transcripts on major music platforms. Before that, Zhou Shen's episode with the wind for the TV series "antique bureau" has been hovering at the top of the list. On March 8, Zhou Shen appeared in Zhuhai, bringing the live debut of "with the wind". His pure and thorough voice once again brings us the visual enjoyment of the ultimate beauty.

"Only you in this life" amazes the love in Zhou Shen's voice

Only you in this life, which was launched on March 5, is the emotional theme song of Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min in the play. The whole song is based on cello to show emotions. The piano should create an atmosphere with it, and Zhou Shen's unique and affectionate voice. Melodious and ethereal, like a beautiful picture of the ancient style, is slowly unfolding. The poetic lyrics of "we are together in this life, we owe each other / love is rippling around us / painting is boundless, and our hands fall on your brows" fully show the melodious ancient charm, as if a pair of fairy lovers are holding hands and leaning on each other. This love between Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min, for each other to leave all the envy of the world, light up a lonely lamp, secluded in the mountains, living a life of only you. Zhou Shen's charming voice and the presentation of his works have always had its unique advantages. This time, he gave full play to the charm of his voice and perfectly expressed the feelings and love of the heroes and heroines in the world.

On the day the song went online, it successfully parachuted to the second place in the new song list. In addition to the beautiful music, we were once again conquered by Zhou Shen's voice. Some netizens said: 'Zhou Shen's voice is so clear, clear as water in the mountains, and beating our souls like waves. Emotional grasp is very good, the expression is very delicate and not sticky. That sudden emotion brought us directly into the plot. '

With the wind: Zhou Shen's first live song

In the past women's day, Zhou Shen was invited to participate in Zhuhai Changlong marine environmental protection Music Festival. On the night of the activity, it rained outside, but the enthusiasm of the fans did not decrease at all. They came to the performance scene early to help Zhou Shen. With the prelude of the song "with the wind", Zhou Shen, wearing a white shirt full of design sense, came on the stage, and this is also the live debut of "with the wind". "With the wind", which has been on the music list for several weeks in a row, once again let you appreciate the charm of this song under the live performance of Zhou Shen, and then the representative work "big fish" also conquered the audience. When asked by the host if he had visited the whale shark Museum, Zhou Shen playfully sang a piece of "the whale incarnating an island" and joked that he wanted to know what they felt when they heard it. When asked about recent trends, Zhou Shen said: 'we are now preparing a second album, and the songs previously recorded are also coming online one after another. Recently, we are still recording a music variety show. You can pay more attention to it. '