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Liu Mengna's "anti corruption storm 4" fixed file 4.4 new role entry storm upgrade

"Anti corruption storm 4", a series of crime action blockbusters supervised by Huang Baiming, directed by Lin Delu and starred by Gu Tianle, Lin Yi, Liu Mengna and other actors, is scheduled for April 4 today.

Anti corruption storm 4, as the fourth part of the anti-corruption storm, tells the story of ICAC Lu Zhilian (Gu Tianle) in the undercover prison, cooperating with Cheng Deming (Zheng Jiaying), investigating and collecting evidence of criminals and punishing teachers in prison, and finally leading to and successfully solving a 10 billion corruption and bribery case.

In the exposure of the fixed file posters, 'prison clothes' and' suits' form two distinct camps. Gu Tianle, Lin Yi and other anti-corruption male gods are all in prison, which makes people feel the complicated relationship between the characters in the film. The complicated plot setting is also the biggest surprise of the film.

Liu Mengna, an artist of Erdong Fanxing, plays Ding Rou, a prosecutor in the film. She also played the wife of Di Weijie in anti corruption Storm 3. As a prosecutor, what kind of wonderful stories will happen in the film this time is very much expected.

The film "anti corruption storm 4" is composed of Tianma film and Television Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Erdong film (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tianjin cat's eye micro film culture media Co., Ltd., Oriental film production Co., Ltd., mokexing film (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianma film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mingzhao film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Foshan Dongtian film and Television Culture Co., Ltd Company products: Wanda film and television media Co., Ltd., Erdong culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai qinxia Film Co., Ltd., Beijing infinite free culture media Co., Ltd., Kashi Jianxin film and television media Co., Ltd., Beijing Yaoying Film Distribution Co., Ltd. On Thursday, April 4, we are looking forward to the national release of anti corruption storm 4!