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Li Yitong attends brand activities

Recently, Li Yitong, a powerful actress, appeared in Shanghai to attend the new product launch of Dior. At the event, she was dressed in the same brand hollow out texture suit. Under the camera, the slender swan neck matched with the smooth tailoring of the dress made Li Yitong's slender figure curve appear incisively and vividly. When she laughed, her curved crescent eyes made her eyes shine. She was full of girlish feeling, and she was shining with the brand slogan 'Pink Dior They complement each other.

It is reported that Li Yitong is currently shooting a huge costume TV series. In addition, in 2019, there are many works such as "Haitang Jingyu rouzhitou", "sword Dynasty" and "Hezhe Huating". Please look forward to it.