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Li MENGNAN's wake up call of love will play father again to arouse family thinking (picture and text

Jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of Wenzhou Ouhai District Committee of the CPC and Wenzhou putizi film and television culture media Co., Ltd., and starring Li MENGNAN, Fu Chong, Wang Chao, Zhang Chen, etc., the film "the call of waking love", which focuses on promoting traditional Chinese virtues, will land in national theaters on March 8, 2019. The film mainly tells a story about love and growth, father who has returned from prison, rebellious and unrelenting All the pain, torture and torture of this family are quietly restored and cured by the excellent traditional Chinese culture in this journey of seeking mother.

Since the national "100 cities screening" activity was held on February 23, 158 events have been implemented and are still in full swing. The enthusiasm of the audience from all over the country has constantly inspired the main creative team and volunteers. In just half a month, the "100 cities show" has covered more than half of China.

In the current environment of commercial and entertainment themes of film and television works, the call of waking love is like a clear stream. It is not a movie fast food, but a family education emotional film worthy of your careful taste and repeated chewing. It is based on the true story, which is composed of tender stories, in which the interpretation of filial piety is incisive and incisive. In the film, acting star Li MENGNAN plays Zhigang, the 'father' of the family. He was a bohemian when he was young and spent 18 years in prison for manslaughter.

When he returns to his family after he gets out of prison, he suffers from his family's indifference. His wife runs away from home, leaving Zhigang alone with his son. This first corrects his son, Zihao (Zhang Chen), who has been fatherless since childhood. In this process, he not only helps his father and son rebuild their relationship, but also sprouts the possibility for his son to change himself from his father's complete reform, until he finally finds Wen Warm, when everyone in this family really accept each other, no longer only remember their own hurt, but admit their own mistakes, everyone gets a real cure, they are willing to take out their heart of love, only love can cure all pain.

This is also Li MENGNAN's role as a 'Chinese father' after the movie "free range", "waiting for me in heaven", "lost", "red imp" and many other works. No matter what difficulties he faces, his father is always omnipotent in front of his children. The bitterness and hindrance behind it is a silent commitment. What Li MENGNAN interprets is the shrinking relationship between father and son in China for many years Shadow, his father's love for children interpretation of calm and powerful, admirable, but also a bit more deep thinking of family.

It is worth mentioning that at the 36th Miami International Film Festival in the United States, Li MENGNAN won the best actor award in the main unit of the charming Chinese film competition with the film "Li Judi's warm in winter and cool in summer", which also won the best feature film award at the same time. It can be said that Li MENGNAN won the second time in the United States Film Festival The crown of the emperor.