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Zhu Zhengting's endorsement of suniko as a master cook of dried fruit

On March 5, the new product launch of "only you are sugar & fruit flavor" held by Tianye Innovation Co., Ltd. was launched in Guangzhou. Zhu Zhengting, a high-quality idol, participated in the event as the brand spokesperson. At the press conference, Zhu Zhengting turned into a culinary master to make dried fruit food, and fans were enthusiastic. The audience witnessed the launch of suniko dried fruit series.

High quality idol Zhu Zhengting speaks for suniko's multi flavor new dried fruit

It is reported that the field Innovation Co., Ltd. and high-quality idol Zhu Zhengting are brand new attempts to the new generation of product operation mode. At the press conference, Yao Dong of Tianye company sincerely said that the company chose Zhu Zhengting to be the spokesperson of suniko, a brand of Tianye company, which is an instant move. In addition to Zhu Zhengting's high influence in the young group, the company is also in line with suniko's youthful temperament because of his lively and sunny spirit. Zhu Zhengting also said at the scene that he was very excited to become the spokesperson of suniko series dried fruits, and had a warm exchange with fans in a warm atmosphere.

In addition to the interesting and colorful interactive links, the newly released suniko six kinds of dried fruit products are more eye-catching. Through the display of suniko's new product series posters and advertising films, there are six kinds of sweet fruits, including pineapple dried fruit, yellow peach dried fruit, Baixiang dried fruit, Huolong dried fruit, and star products, durian dried fruit and mango dried fruit, which together create the candy like flavor of suniko dried fruit series. On the spot, Zhu Zhengting also made dried fruit food to feed back to his fans, perfectly displaying the intimate characteristics of suniko series products' intimate life all the time '.

Field innovation opens a new chapter of the new generation

Founded in 2007, the company covers an area of 100 mu, with a construction area of more than 37000 square meters and a registered capital of 240 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The company focuses on the production and sales of tropical and subtropical fruit and vegetable products. The products are regularly supplied to large and medium-sized food enterprises at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, Nongfu Shanquan, Jianlibao, Huiyuan Group, Kang Shifu, Tongyi, etc. Meanwhile, they are exported to the Netherlands, Romania, Russia and other European Union, Middle East, Southeast Asian countries and regions, and are widely recognized and praised in the food industry at home and abroad.

The first cooperation between Tianye company and high-quality idol Zhu Zhengting will open another brilliant chapter of the company in the new era and new market. The company will continue to adhere to the concept of "integrity, foresight, innovation and persistence" and the tenet of "being an outstanding supplier of raw materials for tropical fruit and vegetable products in China" to become a benchmark enterprise for healthy fruit and vegetable products in China.