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Show off: Xiao Yan's fashion blockbuster

Recently, the new generation of popular actor Xiao Yan exposed a group of fashion photo blockbusters. In the film, she is playful and handsome in a red and blue tiger head knitted jacket with a white cool T-shirt inside. Guima's playful expression shows the girl's vitality, and the printed Satin hair band brings a sense of visual impact to the whole picture. The overall look has a sense of uninhibited personality, which is very in line with her ancient spirit image.

Xiao Yan's "flaunt" is on the air, playing Qin Zhiyan in the play. Her character is soft and cute, which is very popular. Xiaoqing, the "Legend of the new white lady" starred by Xiao Yan, will be on the line soon. Xiaoniangyue, Jue Ji and other works are waiting to be broadcast, expecting her more wonderful performance.