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"Golden pupil" hot broadcast lets the audience see the sense of cultural mission with lens

The super online drama "golden pupil" is currently on the air. It is a novel of the same name, directed by Lin Nan and starring Zhang Yixing, Wang Zixuan and Wang Lixin. Since its launch, the discussion of "golden pupil" has always been high, from the flow of the actors' physique, to the "non routine" attraction of the plot step by step, and then to the analysis of the traditional culture of the audience with case by case, all of which fully mobilize the audience's appetite and guide the public to feel the charm of traditional culture contained in antiques. This is an art born Virgo director, with many years to follow their own production team, carefully polished works.

Lin Nan, a small and exquisite Director under big IP

Whether it is the work itself or the combination of the production team, "golden pupil" is a project with market and status. Because of this, the attention is particularly high. This work, which has taken the audience to explore treasure since its broadcast, seems to have triggered the curiosity of the audience. In the play, Yumu, Hongfei, Li duanduantu, Tang Sancai glazed horse, Zhu Kexin purple clay pot... One thing, one story, one thing, one emotion. The director asked the audience to follow the camera's perspective to savor the beauty and mystery of these cultural relics, soften the scene and artistic conception together, and produce different subtle reactions in the audience's mind.

Some audiences may be curious about the 'rules of the antique world', some may like to appreciate the beauty of calligraphy and painting, and some may be deeply touched by a story. These 'Charm' can be felt from the works. Director Lin Nan once said, "if there are more people going into museums, appreciating cultural relics and feeling traditional culture because of this play, it is really the most exciting thing. This is also the original play is a wishful wish '.

The beauty of the East in golden pupil

The process of making literary works film and television is also the process of the director presenting the core of the story to the audience one by one. Golden pupil puts the clue of the story on Zhuang Rui, a little man, and promotes the progress of the story step by step through his growth process. In addition to the feelings between characters, the feelings between characters and cultural relics are also closely related. In the play, a lot of details are used, such as covering the mouth and nose with a handkerchief when repairing cultural relics, mounting calligraphy and painting, jade appreciation, etc. the interaction between "people and culture" is delicately presented in front of the camera.

The root of all this is the exploration of Oriental culture and the pursuit of beauty. After the broadcast of golden pupil, Shandong Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum, Tianjin Museum, Luoyang Museum and Nanyue King Museum of the Western Han Dynasty also contributed to the work, calling on everyone to feel the cultural relics and the beauty of history. As for the affirmation of "golden pupil" by the media and the audience, director Lin Nan said: 'everything we cherish should be handed down hand in hand. It's duty! I'm even more proud.