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Chen Ran, mark Luu's Paris Fashion Week fashion show is praised as "walking hanger" (photo)

Recently, Chen Ran and Mr. mark Lu jointly appeared in Paris fashion week, and were invited to attend a new product launch of a high-end brand. The couple sat in the front row together to watch the show. Chen's makeup in the photo is exquisite and generous. She is wearing a khaki Lapel dress, which is not out of style. Her long legs and simple white high heels make her light and flexible. The charming smile under the loose sunshade hat is very infectious. Netizens also leave a message: with full marks, Chen's going out of the street is always pleasantly surprised, which is worthy of being a unique example.

It is revealed that Chen Ran and mark Lu will stay in Paris for a few days and will be invited to participate in other fashion activities. Please look forward to it.