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"Golden pupil" is on the air, director Lin Nan is grateful for the dream of "capricious" 4 companies

The super online drama "golden pupil" produced by iqiyi will be officially broadcast on iqiyi from tonight. Directed by Lin Nan and adapted from the original production team of the super network literature IP and laojiumen of the same name, the film is a powerful young actor of Zhang Yixing, Wang Zixuan and Wang Lixin, as well as a powerful cast of Li Liqun, Ni Dahong, Han Tongsheng, Tu Men and Chen Jin. It is an adventure to protect the national treasure with cultural treasure as the main line. From the official announcement to today's broadcast, he has been on the microblog for several times, and has received more than 2 million user viewing bookings on iqiyi platform before the broadcast. Director Lin Nan has sent several microblogs to thank his predecessors and old friends for their help and the team's company. While completing his wayward little dream again and again, he has also completed this sincere drama together.

From the beginning of preparation, to many shooting places, and then to post production, "golden pupil" presents 4.1628 million text works to the audience in countless frames of beautiful pictures. Looking at the director's Micro blog, it clearly and sensibly records the creation process. It takes 145 days (89 days of actual shooting), spanning Beijing, Kiev, Ruili, Tengchong, Yinchuan and Beijing for nearly 2500 days It is 3000 meters above sea level and 50 degrees below sea level. It runs from east to west and goes through four seasons. Behind these seemingly cold numbers is the fact that the creative team has gone through too many 'firsts' day and night to complete their works. When the director was also asked in the media interview whether he was worried about being questioned and picky by the book fans, the director sincerely said, "in fact, everyone is the book fans of a certain book, so I really understand their feelings when their favorite book is adapted. I accept and improve whether they are sure or dissatisfied.". The director also said that as a collector, he has a special complex for antiques, so he restored and built the Panjiayuan Antique Street in Beijing 1:1, and there are many such small colored eggs, hoping that the plot can give the audience more different small surprises.

"Golden pupil" started on January 11, 2018. Through director Lin Nan and more than 300 cast members, it completed 1885 scenes. It is an adventure tour of guarding national treasure around pawnbroker staff Zhuang Rui. It has novel themes, light rhythm, and innovative integration of adventure, suspense, light joy, traditional culture and other elements. It not only realizes the innovative integration of themes, but also tries its best to restore The background of the novel and the story behind the historical relics present the most valuable traditional Chinese culture for the audience. Let's wait and see what wonderful content "golden pupil" will bring to the audience.