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Xue Haowen's "there is no deceit in the world" ends tonight. He is wanted to be the killer of the ba

Directed by Yu Ding and starred by Guo Xiaodong, Xu Yue, Wang Qian and Xue Haowen, the anti electric fraud drama "there is no fraud in the world" is broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and the whole network, and it will come to an end tonight. The play tells the process of arresting and solving fraud gangs by the 10th detachment of the anti electric fraud reconnaissance team in the mode of 'team operation'. Xue Haowen plays Tu Men in the play, who is called the killer of criminals by netizens because of his vigorous skills and quick capture.

Xue Haowen's determination and daring to take responsibility for arrest

As a new theme TV series recording Telecom fraud cases, "no fraud in the world" is created by the original creative team of "serious cases group 6". Xue Haowen, who plays officer Tumen, is a member of the 10th detachment because of his high efficiency in handling cases and strong 'hands-on' ability. In the process of solving cases of electric fraud, he gives full play to his own advantages of 'stability, accuracy and ruthlessness' in arresting suspects. He is brave and courageous in suppressing criminals for the reconnaissance team in time, becoming an indispensable pioneer of the 10th detachment. The netizen exclaimed and said with a smile: 'I'm afraid. If I meet Tu Men, I'd better give up resistance. '

"No fraud in the world" takes the current frequent Telecom fraud as the background, and how to solve the case is the core. In the process of criminal investigation, the audience has a strong sense of bringing in. One by one, the doubts are constantly solved, and the truth is solved, which becomes the psychological motivation for the audience to pursue the drama. And the broadcast coincides with the lunar new year, which undoubtedly increases the people's vigilance against telephone fraud during the festival.

Xue Haowen is not afraid of changing roles, the new play "golden pupil" will be launched soon

As a powerful young actor, Xue Haowen's role image is changeable. Whether it's the youth idol series, the tough guy series of the Anti Japanese war or the type of humor comedy, Xue Haowen digests and polishes each role in his own way, presenting the role naturally and accurately. He also impresses the audience with his strong figure and delicate facial features.

Xue Haowen has been studying in Hungary for many years. He can speak fluent English and has a handsome appearance. He has already made his debut in many films and TV dramas, including the movie "parting is love", the historical drama "national memory" of the Anti Japanese War, and the comedy "the iron fist of shame". At the end of "no fraud in the world", he also starred in another urban adventure drama "golden pupil" It's going to be online soon. What kind of sparks will be produced with the new story and new characters? It's time for him to perform.