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Coconut milk storm, see character! Astrology analysis Dongdong: Mercury and Aquarius go up against t

In recent days, the coconut milk incident has been hot and controversial. Xu Dongdong, its spokesman, has been involved in the storm. Many netizens have different opinions. One of the astrologers' analysis has attracted netizens' attention. He wrote a long article on his micro blog. In this incident, Xu Dongdong met his character in the storm and said it's hard to be a good woman;

As a state banquet beverage, coconut juice has aroused heated public discussion because of its advertisement. The most striking is the slogan "I drink from childhood to adulthood". As its advertising image spokesperson, Xu Dongdong was also pushed to the front stage by public opinion. At the beginning of the event, the undercurrent surged and the overall situation was uncertain. Most people would choose to evade responsibility and keep silent;

Xu Dongdong, on the other hand, wrote thousands of words on his microblog to face up to the incident, and he was brave enough to take on the responsibility. Xu Dongdong was born on February 16, 1990. She is straightforward and lively in Aquarius. From her frequent interaction with netizens on Weibo, she can also see her bright and kind character;

Her sun is triple Jupiter. She is upright, has ideals and pursuits. Jupiter also means fame. She becomes a star known to the world, which is also a matter of fate. Rimu Sanhe, optimistic and positive, good luck with each other, have your help.

She mentioned in her long article on Weibo that when she was still drifting in the north, she was lucky to receive an advertisement for coconut juice. From then on, she entered the film and television circle. Only in this way did she have her well-known masterpieces "Yu sin" and "the richest man in Xihong city";

The Aquarius girl usually takes the temperament route to show her personality by being fresh and refined, while Xu Dongdong's distinctive characteristics are related to sexuality. It has to be said that she is a Scorpio of the moon, which makes her naturally exude a charming, sexy and wild flavor from the inside to the outside. The slogan "drink from childhood to big" in the advertisement of coconut milk has caused controversy;

Xu Dongdong gave a clear explanation in her long article. In fact, the advertisement words of the play were from her heart when she was shooting the advertisement. She loved coconut juice very much. "I drank it all the time when I was a child", which restored the original meaning of "drinking it all the time when I was a child", and made a powerful clarification;

The first sentence in Xu Dongdong's microblog long article: "it was many years ago that he made an advertisement for coconut trees for the first time." the language reveals simple feelings, and the words behind also show sincerity and gratitude. In the early days of Beipiao, coconut juice was an important person on Xu Dongdong's way to success, so she was very grateful;

People can be grateful and show good quality. Xu Dongdong is not silent about the controversy of coconut milk, but dare to speak up. This is the embodiment of her sense of responsibility and responsibility. Her Venus, Mars and other planets fall into Capricorn. She is steadfast, reliable, responsible, Capricorn like, stable and long-term, and has been cooperating with coconut milk for many years;

Finally, the astrologer said frankly that I strongly support Xu Dongdong. As the spokesperson of the brand, I believe she will have more brand cooperation in the future. She doesn't refuse, doesn't act affectably, and has a sense of responsibility. Isn't this the quality that contemporary women should have most?

Xu Dongdong, who believes that Mercury is rising, is brave and outspoken in this event. Such a brave and wonderful performance shows her responsibility and responsibility. Her commercial value and brand image will also be greatly improved.