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Zhaxi pingcuo's dream comes true, CCTV Spring Festival gala's glory stage witnesses national pride

Zaxi pingcuo, Yu Yi and Ao riqi were stunned. The three brothers passed through the "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" all the way. After many rehearsals for the Spring Festival Gala, they finally stepped on the stage of the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on February 4. On New Year's Eve, he brought a different song "the brightest star in the night sky" to the people all over the country.

Let the dream of youth move forward, let the wings of singing fly, Zaxipingcuo realize the Spring Festival Gala stage

For every singer and actor, the stage of the Spring Festival Gala is extremely sacred and authoritative. Along the way, the three brothers have experienced many difficulties and put a hundred times of energy into various preparatory work in order to achieve perfection. In their costumes, they all have their own national characteristics, but they also maintain the unity of the team. The fabric is decorated with shining stars, just as they sing "the brightest star in the night sky", which makes the dream of youth move forward and lead the way in the night sky. After the performance, Zhaxi said that he was in awe of the stage at first, but when he stepped on the stage on New Year's Eve, he was just enjoying the stage. Enjoy the stage to bring their own sense of achievement and satisfaction, after the end of the performance, feel particularly relaxed, selfless singing on the stage, can not forget for a long time.

On that day, the three brothers also watched other performances at the round table under the stage. They said: 'whether as actors or as audiences, the Spring Festival Gala is a long-awaited event for all of us. When we step on the stage, our friends and relatives will be very proud of us. '

Let the world see the power of the nation, Zaxipingcuo with singing heritage, carry forward!

For Zhaxi, who is on the stage of the Spring Festival gala for the first time, the biggest difference is that the stage of the Spring Festival Gala is more sacred. Since 1983, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which accompanies us to spend New Year's Eve every year, has witnessed the growth of several generations. As an audience, Zhaxi pingcuo has been enjoying one wonderful program after another brought by our predecessors. And now, he has finally stood on this stage and proved himself with the sound of nature. In addition, Zaxipingcuo, Yu Yi and aoriqileng shoulder the responsibility and obligation of carrying forward the national culture, because the national culture is the world's. The combination of Tibetan, Mongolian and Han nationalities and the Tibetan and Mongolian tunes integrated into the songs also want to inherit the national things and carry forward the national culture.

Although he can't be with his parents and family on New Year's Eve this year, I believe Zaxipingcuo's family will be proud of him when they see his performance on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. I hope his future can better carry forward the national culture and bring the national characteristics to the world! Before that, Zaxi pingcuo will join hands with Yu Yi and aoriqileng to make a lively Lantern Festival with you at the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala to be broadcast tomorrow!