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Dongdong's response to the two most controversial points of coconut juice is a bit awkward, but real

Recently, Xu Dongdong, born in the 1990s, is on the top of the storm. In the face of the overwhelming noise of the Internet, she did not give up. Instead, she went up to meet the difficulties. She accepted all the questions and arguments with her brave, frank, sincere and kind character. She responded to the most controversial topic with reason and clear organization, and won the praise of many netizens;

Xu Dongdong's coconut juice was replaced with a new package. On the new package, Xu Dongdong wore tight clothes to show his body curve, and then added the slogan "I've been drinking since I was a child". The combination of the two points was thought by netizens that the advertisement was suspected of exaggeration and falsehood, which immediately caused public controversy;

In this debate, netizens mainly focus on two points. First, the brand advertising slogan "I drink from childhood to big" is considered ambiguous, and so far there is no academic paper at home and abroad that thinks coconut milk is helpful to the development of upper body lines, which is also the focus of netizens' controversy;

Second, when shooting advertisements, is it suspected that female stars are vulgar to show their body curves? On the top of the storm of public opinion, Xu Dongdong, the spokesman, did not evade. Instead, he posted a long article on Weibo in the morning of February 14, responding to the two most controversial points of the public one by one;

First of all, she said in her article that the slogan "I drink from childhood to adulthood" does not mean "the curve grows from small to large", but "the age grows from small to large", that is, in terms of time and latitude. She said frankly that this sentence was unintentionally said at the scene of shooting. She liked to drink coconut milk from childhood, which can be said to be from childhood to adulthood;

At that time, the staff felt that this sentence was very good. A brand could become the common memory of a generation, so they simply used it as a slogan. I believe that the experience of "drinking coconut juice from childhood to adulthood" is very similar to that of many people in real life. So far, the advertisement of "I drink coconut juice from childhood to adulthood" has been indirectly proved to be not ambiguous, but a very down-to-earth sentence;

On February 16, the second day of Xu Dongdong's article, the coconut brand side formally responded, saying that there was no problem with the slogan "I drink from childhood to adulthood", which did not violate the advertising law and was approved by the China Advertising Association. The most controversial advertising slogan in the incident was also corrected, and the noise seemed to be slowly decreasing;

In Xu Dongdong's long response, in addition to the first point and the second point of "figure curve", she has no reservation, saying: for the part of "big breasted beauty" mentioned by netizens, I think every girl, or everyone, can show her own characteristics; Even the side that others think is your weakness can be displayed as your characteristics & hellip; what you think is your characteristics, and what you think is also your characteristics!

This sentence is a bit awkward, but the meaning is very clear. She said that everyone should accept their own characteristics, which should not be a disadvantage. In fact, Xu Dongdong is definitely not the only female star in the circle. In addition to her figure, she has been in the circle for many years. Her popular representative films and TV works, such as Yu sin, chasing the dragon and Xihong city's richest man, are widely loved;

After years of honing, her acting skills have also been recognized. In fact, what Xu Dongdong said is very reasonable: a person is concerned and even remembered because of a certain characteristic of himself, which is something we need to be grateful for.