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The hormone of visual impact of Wang Luoyong's sexy movies on Valentine's Day

Known as the first Asian on Broadway, Wang Luoyong is not only a student mentor, the most powerful famous actor, but also a well-known gentleman and model husband in the circle. He is recognized as the most standard lover in the eyes of fans.

According to his agent Liang Baowen, Mr. Wang Luoyong is a very family oriented man. When he leaves work in the morning and ends work in the evening, he calls his wife. Whenever you go to any place, you will take the initiative to report your wife's safety. No matter how far it is, you can't miss calling your wife by SMS, voice and phone every day. Every Christmas is celebrated with children, model husband, model father. The last word to hang up with my wife must be "love you!" every day;

Wang Luoyong sent out a group of fashion blockbusters on Weibo. In the blockbuster, Wang Luoyong's expression is deep and powerful. He is very sexy in the bathtub with black felt sweater, tight black T-shirt, jeans and medium and long Knights' boots. It's a hormone of visual impact.

He wrote on his micro blog: "life and death are in harmony, and Zicheng is the same.". hold your hand and grow old together with you. The beauty of love has existed since ancient times. May today's romantic red fill your eyes and heart. Happy Valentine's Day! "Well, with a very beautiful picture of snow in North America, even the scenery is red in the eyes of lovers, which shows that Wang Luoyong is very attentive.

Fans all left messages: "Wow, Valentine's day benefits from teachers! Beautiful, beautiful scenery, Happy Valentine's Day! Did you eat chocolate? "The male god all the time." "what's Mr. Wang doing in the bathroom dressed so neatly?" "ignoring the others, at the moment, I'm the only one with my icon's beauty." & hellip; & hellip;

Xiaobian really feels that as long as the partner has a good relationship, every day is Valentine's day. What do you think?