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"Legend of haola" hit Princess yahailing opens copy of Qin state, netizens say it is worse than Erqi

Recently, due to the director's "Yanxi strategy", the new work "biography of haolanthanum" starred by the original team is being popular, which has attracted the attention of netizens. From the perspective of the state of Qin, the play tells the story of the historical span from the late Warring States period when Qin and Zhao fought for power to the Qin King's political power. The prime minister LV Buwei and the hougai group of Changxin were in charge. Since its broadcast, the story of haolantian has been in high popularity.

During the Spring Festival, "haolantian biography" announced to add more, update two episodes every day, let netizens call to see the cool. In last week's plot, Princess ya, played by hailing, replaces fan Ya and goes to the state of Qin from the state of Zhao to start the copy of Qin. A series of ruthless operations are astonishing. I don't know what kind of bloodbath will happen to Princess Ya in the state of Qin. But Princess Ya's ruthlessness let netizens raise box lunch for her, and also made a lot of magic expression bags, saying that it was worse than Er Qing. I hope Princess Ya will go offline as soon as possible.

Hailing, who plays Princess ya, lovingly calls her 'the first pervert of the Warring States period, Princess' on Weibo, and plays with Princess Ya's expression pack.

Judging from the stills and previews previously exposed, Princess Yahui, who came to the state of Qin, is once again blackened and upgraded. The audience is also looking forward to how the obsession of love and hate between her and Ying Yiren will end. The "copy of Qin State" in the biography of haola is more difficult. As the longest and most serious villain, what's the end of Princess ya?