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Zhao Lusi's Chengxin sound class members and delireba share the same stage to attract netizens' hot

Recently, Zhao Lusi, a post-95 newcomer, took part in the recording of the second season of "sound in its place" and became a new member of the new sound class, which was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV yesterday. In the program, she was wearing a yellow dress, pure and lovely, and was on the same stage with delireba, Cai Ming and other guests.

Zhao Lu Si's energetic dress left a deep impression on the audience. After watching the program, many netizens said: Zhao Lusi looks clever and has a sweet voice. They hope to see her different side in the program. Zhao said frankly that it's her honor to be able to participate in the recording of "the sound comes to the scene". It's a precious experience to watch the performance of her predecessors up close. In the future, she will also take the predecessors as the goal, study hard and become an excellent actor.

At present, the online drama "the most beautiful thing" starring Zhao Lusi is being popular on Youku and mango TV platforms. Her role, Bei Er, is a voice actress with dubbing dream. It is reported that Zhao Lusi's new play "three thousand crows kill" is in hot shooting in Hengdian. This year, there will be "qingnang biography" and "Tianlei I: spring flowers and Autumn Moon" and other works to meet with you. We look forward to Zhao Lusi's wonderful performance in the future.