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Mao Xiaoyong's "friends who don't get in touch often" interprets the typical Chinese father son rela

If one day, long-term living in a different place, you suddenly find that your father seems to have become a "friend who doesn't keep in touch with you for a long time" & hellip;

Father's love is like a mountain, which is not only a philosophy, but also a reality. It is a true story staged in every corner of the world every day. With the development and influence of traditional culture from ancient times to modern times, the relationship between father and son in Chinese style has added a layer of 'delicate' elements. The internal enthusiasm surge and the 'lack' of communication and expression in daily life often become the normal way for Chinese father and son to get along with each other.

In the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Cui Shu's duet song "father and son" moved countless people; in early 2019, Cui Shu and singer Mao Xiaoyong cooperated with "friends who don't often contact" to more deeply and delicately interpret the typical Chinese father and son affection.

This is the second cooperation between Mao Xiaoyong and Cui Shu after seven years. At the end of 2012, Mao Xiaoyong released a personal album in Zhang Yadong's dongle brand. Cui Shu participated in the album planning and lyrics work, and got married from then on. Time flies, so that they have a deeper understanding of life and emotion. The new work "friends who don't often contact" is their common experience of "heart has soul".

The first two sentences of the song catch people's heart: "if no one signs for it, just leave it at the door. The handwriting of this letter comes from your hand." just a few words, the letter and the receipt create a sense of the times and distance, showing the trance state of time and space, and the way of getting along with father and son from other places. The father on the other end of the phone always speaks very little, but we on the other end of the phone are already full of emotion, even tears in our eyes. We are afraid of our father's white head and old age. We will never get out of his father's loving and serious eyes.

Mao Xiaoyong's rare clean and clear voice further sublimates the emotion of this song, adds luster and color to the emotional bond between father and son, and makes the most sincere blood emotion in the world reflect a long and lasting glory. Between the playing of the guitar, Mao Xiaoyong's voice charm has long been out of the song, singing the simple but profound love between father and son in a broader and boundless space.

Every one of us is Mao Xiaoyong. We all have a friend we don't often contact in our lives. Such a sincere and absent-minded song makes us feel warm and responsible in the winter of 2019.