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Li Zhenwu returned home with music and was invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala of Yib

Recently, Li Zhenwu, the national runner up of the voice of China in 2018, was invited to participate in the Spring Festival gala held by Yibin TV station in Sichuan Province to send the blessing of the new year to the people of his hometown with his own song!

Li Zhenwu returns to his hometown in honor and sends new year's blessing to his hometown

Li Zhenwu was born in Yibin, Sichuan Province. In 2018, he won the honor of the national runner up of the voice of China, becoming the first milestone on his way to pursue his dream. It is also this opportunity to let everyone know him, the one eyelid framed boy singing rock and roll. In less than a week, we are about to usher in a lively new year's Eve. In this last week, Li Zhenwu is also very honored to be invited by Yibin TV station of Sichuan Province to participate in the Yibin Spring Festival Gala hosted by Yibin TV station. It can be said that there were no empty seats at the scene. Li Zhenwu also used a song to stimulate the mood of all the people at the scene, and the atmosphere was very warm. Before the performance, Li Zhenwu also participated in the live interview on the same day. During the interview, Li Zhenwu had a very good exchange with the host. Talking about the invitation to attend the Yibin Spring Festival Gala, Li Zhenwu is also very grateful. "It's a great honor to participate in the Spring Festival Gala performance in my hometown this time. This year, I thank my family and friends for their support, as well as the love and trust of the people in my hometown. After that, I will continue to work hard to do better Music feedback to everyone '.

On this happy day for the whole family, Li Zhenwu, who returned to his hometown, could not but reunite with his relatives and friends. He also wishes you peace, happiness, health and happiness in the New Year!