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Ma Zehan's new role of "England" in Shanghai Press Conference

The hot-blooded youth inspirational drama "the new youth of yanshifan" was launched in Shanghai on January 24. Ma Zehan, who plays "Mary" in the play, attended the event to introduce his character image and restore the behind the scenes story of the shooting period.

At the press conference, Ma Zehan was wearing a British style black skirt with a simple design to highlight her good figure. The metal lion head and the retro doll collar made her feel very famous. From the previous exposure of the role of stills, Ma Zehan played Mary in the modeling of the collocation is also quite exquisite. According to me, I also wear a large dress with a retro British style. I also wear all kinds of hats every day. I am the only "fashionable" young woman in the play.

It is understood that Mary is a high cold and diplomatic means, well versed in the business of the strong woman. Compared with the character, Ma Zehan is a very smiling, simple and lively girl in life. When asked what is the biggest challenge in playing "the new youth of yanshifan", Ma Zehan said frankly: 'it's just to restrain yourself from laughing. Because I'm young, I have to perform a sophisticated, elite female style, pay attention to my eyes every day, and give up my temperament temporarily. It's a big challenge for me. 'as soon as these words came out, netizens were more looking forward to how Ma Zehan would interpret such a role, which is in great contrast to himself.

What kind of surprise will ma Zehan bring us. Please pay attention to the new youth of yanshifan, which is broadcast simultaneously by Oriental satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Youku and mango t.