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Yang xiulong, chairman of South Beauty, shares with other industries at LAN yoga "Gong Shou Dao" con

On January 17, LAN Yujia specially invited Yang xiulong, President of South Beauty, a famous restaurant company, to share the theme with you. President Yang xiulong analyzed the current situation of enterprise development from the perspective of cross industry operation, and combined with his own experience, put forward practical methods for you, many of which are consistent with LAN Yujia's offensive and defensive ideas.

As an entrepreneur, Yang xiulong's first business is going smoothly. Now she is leading South Beauty's second business. By chance, she accepts South Beauty as CEO. At the beginning of his term of office, he made three promises: 1. To take office in South beauty alone, without taking a soldier; 2. To retain all employees, without layoffs or salary cuts; 3. To achieve the great rejuvenation of South Beauty in one year according to his unified deployment.

No one is born to run a business

At the beginning of sharing, Yang xiulong was the first to throw out "what bottlenecks restrict our development in enterprise management?"? Through the analysis of real cases, the biggest problem hindering our development is our cognition. He said: 'nothing is impossible, only unexpected. In fact, I will not learn anything in my life. I can only learn the skills you say I can now. This is a false proposition. 'no one is born to run Yoga gyms. It all depends on the accumulation and learning of the day after tomorrow. It's like walking on a narrow path. Only if you are willing to work hard can you walk fast and ahead.

Size up the situation and adjust in time according to the development of the times

Facing the development bottleneck, how should we make changes? Yang xiulong told us that we should adjust according to the times. He said: people still have to adjust their clothes according to the external temperature. Why don't our enterprises adjust their business methods according to the changes in the business environment? So the only constant in the world is change. Change is born, today's society is full of uncertainty and challenges. In this changing context, mobile Internet perfectly solves the problem of information asymmetry.

To break through the bottleneck, you need to have these skills

Away from anxiety: in the face of difficulties, don't worry. The peaches on the tree are all yours. Slowly find the feeling. Either you grow tall, or you hold the ladder, or you shake the tree. In a word, there will be some ways. Ironmaking also needs its own hard work: no matter Huawei or Mercedes Benz, enterprises in any field have an essence and follow a principle, that is, to create value for customers.

How can Yoga develop itself through empowerment?

Mobile Internet is a very enabling tool. Only when it is enabled to people with 1, the 0 behind it will work. Therefore, enterprises should do their own 1 well. Only when they do their 1 well, coupled with the mobile Internet, will they get better and better. As Mr. Li Zupeng said: first, don't panic. Second, don't be complacent and reject the mobile Internet. In this era, it's useless to reject it. You must be hard, embrace it, don't panic, because where you are is the outlet, do this well, do it solidly, there will be a return, a good future.

LAN Yoga offensive and defensive Road Conference, focusing on digging deep pain points, solving business problems, from strong marketing, heavy development, fast upgrading, big leap four aspects, to help yoga industry achieve sustainable and healthy development. South Beauty, a restaurant that is closing down frequently, has used the above four moves to bring the dying back to life. However, most yoga studios are stagnant now, and have not yet reached the level of loss. Nothing is impossible. No winter will not pass, no spring will not come.