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Wang Xiaotian with the original song "night city" strong return, take you into his inner world

On January 24, singer Wang Xiaotian of the second season of "good Chinese songs" came with his original single "night city", which analyzed the curiosity and loneliness of modern people facing strange cities. Let's follow Wang Xiaotian into his music world!

Multi element arrangement breaks through new style

The song "night city" is mainly about a young man who comes to a strange city and feels curious about the things around him and lonely in a foreign land. Wang Xiaotian is also one of these young people. It is these feelings that inspired Wang Xiaotian's original creation of this song, which was named "night city". A night in a strange city makes people feel lonely and helpless. The song starts with the sound of guitar, and then slowly adds the sound of drum. The lazy and hoarse voice and the retro popular melody will explain the song. Although this is a song to express loneliness, this song uses retro, electronic and other elements to add to the composition. In such a light way, it makes a contrast with the loneliness in the song, which makes the loneliness of the song vanish instantly and catches the ears of the audience at the beginning of the song. The melody with a strong sense of rhythm will lead the listener to sing together, and the drum with a strong sense of rhythm will also make you want to dance with the music when listening.

The memory of each stage is a good memory worth keeping. Just like Wang Xiaotian wrote this song when he just left his hometown and was away alone, this song is also Wang Xiaotian's show of his inner world at that time in front of us. Experience always makes people grow up. I hope Wang Xiaotian will continue to bring us a different 'music world'.