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Zhang Chao's "exclusive memory" Fan Wai's "boiling sugar" hits netizen: heating!

Yesterday, Zhang Chao, a handsome young performer, attended the fans' meeting of his starring work "exclusive memory" and had zero distance interaction with the fans together with other creators. The hidden skills such as' knitting 'were shown on the spot, which attracted the fans to scream. It is reported that the play has also come to an end recently. The unfinished sweet stories in the play will soon meet the audience in the form of fanwai.

Zhang Chao's strength: pet powder, sweet interaction 'weaving talent' surprise Online

At the meeting, Su Shuai's Zhang Chaogang attracted a warm welcome from fans as soon as he appeared. In the interactive session, the host asked him to "lift his eyes" to the fans on the scene. Zhang Chao shyly said that he would only "lift his myopia". Before everyone's voice of regret came down, Zhang Chao suddenly responded: "when it's over, I'll take a look at you one by one! 'it made the fans scream wildly, calling' super brother is so good at teasing! 'in the following game, Zhang Chao and his fans completed the Russian tongue playing teaching, love words advertising, you draw me guess and other games. The whole process was full of surprises and joy. When he and Li Tingting, the actor of Xue Tong in the play, perform the scene of sugar scattering on the scene together, the scene atmosphere is pushed to the climax.

Zhang Chao not only gracefully played and sang the "exclusive memory" Promo "lonely she", but also showed the results of the hidden skill "knitting". According to Zhang Chao, "this skill was learned by him in order to learn the language and go deep into the" knitting club ". He gained two achievements at one time. Such amazing and strange learning ability made everyone sigh that" handsome and excellent Zhang Chaoguo is really beautiful. " A & lsquo; male god of treasure.

Zhang Chao's "flying close to the ground" plays the role of "a Tong Mu CP" coming soon

"Exclusive memory" ushers in the end of its membership today. Mu Chenghe, played by Zhang Chao, is loved by the audience for his handsome appearance and gentle and considerate personality. In the play, he accurately presents' other people's children '. In his life, he and his beloved girl perform the' sugar boiling 'love affair of' male big nine become a dog '. In his career, he is serious, dedicated, modest and persistent. He also said in the interview: 'both Mu Chenghe and I are persistent people. He is devoted to physics. I am very passionate about music and guitar. But we have a different way of life. This character has the meaning of "flying close to the ground". It is not only grounded, but also illusory. '

Zhang Chao's performance with a full sense of faith is obvious to the audience, and he is also mined to his real and lovely side by virtue of this role. As an actor, he is low-key and serious, and his identity as a singer has also witnessed another wonderful performance of him. In a recent offline activity, Zhang Chao personally sent more than 100 roses to the staff. He was so warm that everyone felt: "in this cold winter, I thought I was just getting treasure, but I didn't expect I was getting heating! '

It is understood that Fan Wai of "exclusive memory" is currently in the production of "boiling sugar". In the newly released trailer, the emotional trend of "a Tong Mu CP" has been deeply affecting the hearts of the audience. What kind of sweet surprise will Mu Chenghe, played by Zhang Chao, bring to the audience? Please continue to pay attention!