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All predict that Zhang Yingying will die miserably. Zhang Yingying's case has made great progress, a

Hai Ge net comprehensive report: the United States federal district trial judge Saddi made six decisions, dismissed the suspect Zhang Yingying's brother Christensen's lawyer's team's six motion. This ruling has made significant progress in the trial of the case. Previously, the defense lawyer team has proposed that: 1. The case should be under the jurisdiction of the Illinois court, and the federal court does not have jurisdiction, and therefore requested to abolish the prosecution of the federal prosecutor; 2. Exclude the conversation recordings obtained by the suspect's girlfriend carrying the eavesdropper as evidence; 3. Exclude the evidence of the suspect's two conversations with the police and repeated conversations with his girlfriend; 4; 4. Exclude the telephone recording of the suspect in prison after he was arrested; 5. Exclude the evidence obtained from the search of the suspect's apartment; 6. Consider that it is against the Federal Constitution to seek the death penalty according to the federal law in the abandoned state of Illinois.

In this regard, the judge passed six rulings, one by one negating the above motion proposed by the defense lawyer team. The defense lost. As a result, the case took a major turn. According to the analysis of relevant lawyers, if the federal government does not have jurisdiction, the case will be completely overturned, and it is impossible to prosecute by death penalty, which is an unimaginable result. In addition, if search, interrogation, dialogue and telephone recording cannot be used as evidence, the evidence that the prosecution can present to the court and jury will be greatly affected. But in the future, the debate between the prosecution and the defense in court will still be very fierce.

Click next to continue to view the details recently. Zhang Yingying's family recently accepted an interview with the US media "Illinois daily" in their rented house in Urbana. Looking at the empty living room, they were silent for a long time. Sometimes they could only hear the deep sigh of Zhang Yingying's father. For more than two months, the family lived in this dark house day after day just to get an answer. Wang Zhidong, a lawyer who assisted Zhang's family in the murder of Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying in the United States, said that the U.S. police have mastered the recording of the suspect's statement of how he killed Zhang Yingying, but it will be a long time before the case is closed. On the other hand, Zhang Yingying's family admitted that they are exhausted and will soon return to China. They only hope to know Yingying's whereabouts. They are even willing to ask the suspect's family to help solve the case as soon as possible.

Click next to continue to view the details on the afternoon of the 11th, Christensen, the suspect of kidnapping Zhang Yingying, took part in the second court trial. Yingying's mother saw the suspect for the first time before the trial and almost collapsed. She yelled to return my daughter again and again, but the suspect kept his head down and didn't look at Yingying's family

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On the 26th, CCTV reporter interviewed Dr. Li Changyu on the case. According to his judgment, the FBI does not know the whereabouts of Zhang Yingying, said Dr. Li. The personnel in charge of investigating the case should analyze the information they have and search the suspicious places one by one again to ensure that there is no omission.

Click next to continue to view the details comprehensive report: the US Department of justice website announced on the 12th that the grand jury formally charged the suspect suspected of kidnapping Zhang Yingying on the same day. If convicted, the suspect will face life imprisonment. In addition, the local federal prosecutor's office issued a notice saying that based on all kinds of evidence, the law enforcement officer in charge of investigating the case believed that Zhang Yingying had died.

Click next to continue to view the details comprehensive report: so far, the female master of Peking University has been lost in the United States for more than 10 days. A former senior FBI agent pointed out that from the surveillance video, Zhang Yingying got on the black car, and there was no obvious use of violence in the whole process. She talked with the car's insiders through the window for a few minutes, giving people the feeling that the insiders knew her, and might even know her itinerary.

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Beijing University female student Zhang Yingying has been lost contact for more than eight days, and her safety has attracted the attention of Chinese and American people. The petition for Zhang Yingying on the US White House website has been signed by more than 40000 people. It is reported that Li Changyu, a famous Chinese American 'detective', will take part in the work. As a Chinese American, Dr. Li Changyu is a famous expert in criminal identification. He has participated in the detection of many major global cases, such as the assassination of President Kennedy, Nixon's Watergate incident, Clinton's affair, September 11 incident, and Simpson's wife killing in the United States. Meanwhile, University of Illinois police officials said they had found a list of vehicles that matched the models in the surveillance video through vehicle registration records. They are continuing to talk with these car owners and investigate them one by one.

Click next to continue to view the details Recently, the loss of a female master's degree from Peking University in the United States has attracted the attention of netizens. On the evening of the 14th, Zhang Yingying's father spoke to the media for the first time. He said that his heart is suffering from his daughter's disappearance these days, and he is expecting her to return safely every moment. After the incident, they have been in close contact with their daughter's teachers, classmates and the Chicago embassy.

Click next to continue to view the details Recently, the news that a female master of Peking University is mysteriously missing while studying in the United States has attracted the attention of the domestic media, and the "notice for finding someone" about the girl has also been swiped on the social network. According to the reporter, the girl graduated from Sun Yat sen University with a bachelor's degree, and then obtained a master's degree from Peking University. Before going to study in the United States, she worked part-time in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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According to media reports, the missing Chinese student, Zhang Yingying, went to the University of Illinois at Bana Champaign in April this year to study. At about 1 p.m. on June 9, Chicago time, Zhang Yingying lost contact when she was out signing a rental contract. As of press release, Zhang Yingying has been missing for nearly 70 hours.

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According to the clues provided by her undergraduate roommate, Ms. Fang, the whole time line of Zhang Yingying's disappearance is as follows (the following is the local time in Chicago, USA)

June 8 -- Zhang Yingying submitted her application to one north rental office and agreed to sign the contract at 1:30 p.m. on the 9th.

At 9:15 a.m. on June 9, the manager of one north rental office sent a message to Zhang Yingying to confirm the information.

1:00 p.m. on June 9 -- Zhang Yingying starts from the office.

1:30 p.m. on June 9 -- Zhang Yingying informed the manager that she would be late and agreed to arrive at 2:10 p.m.

2:30 p.m. on June 9 -- Zhang Yingying's mobile phone had communication at the Illinois terminal (the information came from the police).

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Zhang Yingying is a graduate of the ecological environment class of grade 2009 of Sun Yat sen University, and later entered the Shenzhen Campus of Peking University to study for a master's degree. From 2016 to 2017, Zhang Yingying visited the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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The reporter asked the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for confirmation. Teacher Liu of the Institute told the reporter that Zhang Yingying was a part-time worker at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and applied for a doctor's degree from a famous American University. 'because I wrote a letter of recommendation for her, the professor in the United States contacted me, so I knew that she was missing. "Miss Liu said," Zhang Yingying is usually very confident, cheerful and lively. '

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Zhang Yingying's classmate in the United States called the police in the evening of the day of her disappearance. The police have confirmed that she did not take the train or bus to other cities. Ms. Fang said that according to the information captured by the surveillance, it was inferred that she might have left her mobile phone at the bus station and disappeared when she returned to the bus station to look for it. The location of the mobile phone became a key clue.

The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago has launched an emergency plan for consular protection and once again reminded students that they should do a good job in pre trip safety training before going to the United States, according to the report of China overseas