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Li Jiaqi turns into a public welfare ambassador to attend the public welfare ceremony

On January 10, actor Li Jiaqi was invited to participate in the power public welfare ceremony of China social welfare foundation model, and was awarded the status of public welfare ambassador. Wearing a simple shirt and Western-style dress, it is playful and elegant.

At the ceremony, Li Jiaqi, Lin Yanjun and Guo Junchen shared their original intention as public welfare ambassadors of the three projects. As the star promoter of "happy childlike innocence care program", Li Jiaqi said that "I always want to be a warm person and try my best to help others. It's a great honor to participate in this" happy childlike innocence care program ". I can invite you to pay attention to the young children in trouble and pass on the love to them. '

Recently, Li Jiaqi is also a public welfare variety double blossom, not only participated in the incarnation of public welfare master to attend the public welfare ceremony, she recorded the new variety "open play bar" the fourth high jump was officially launched yesterday afternoon.

In the opening self introduction of Li Jiaqi, a sweet tea girl, she said 'I'm not high enough, and I'm a long legged Li Jiaqi'. She laughed all over the audience and had a strong sense of variety. As a result, she was exposed by the host on the spot. Two notes of 'big long legs' were pasted on her clothes. Li Jiaqi also said that the notes gave her self-confidence in high jump. The four guests were divided into 'sports talent' team and 'my fair lady' team for three rounds.

In the competition, Li Jiaqi cheered loudly when other guests jumped high, full of vitality. At the same time, she also showed her unique way of high jump in the program. Although the first jump failed, the ghost horse's way of high jump made the people on the scene clap their hands and say 'Jiaqi is so cute! '

Last year, Li Jiaqi played a small actor in the new version of "meteor garden", which was well known by the audience. The image of sweet tea girl is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a new generation of post-95 actor, Li Jiaqi not only has a strong sense of variety, but also devotes herself to charity projects to spread positive energy. It is reported that the new play "wait a minute, my youth" will also meet with the audience and look forward to Li Jiaqi's wonderful performance.