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Liu Weiwei's spy war in seamless

The highly anticipated espionage drama "seamless" was launched on Zhejiang satellite TV last night. The play is directed by Li Lu, who once directed "the name of the people" and written by Zhang Yong, who once created "the camouflager". Qin Junjie, Xu Lu and others lead the show. Liu Weiwei, Wu Yue, Li Chao and other actors are also involved in the play. The production team is powerful, and once broadcast, it is highly praised.

"Seamless" tells the story of a few ambitious young people coming forward to defend the motherland and fight with blood at a time of crisis. It is worth mentioning that "seamless" not only has the charm of the actors, but also creates a number of beautiful and intelligent female agents, which also makes the audience shine.

Zhu hui'er, played by Liu Weiwei in the play, is one of the agents with distinct character. In the play, Liu Weiwei is dressed in a blue cheongsam, pure and elegant. He looks weak, but he is a very stubborn person. In the first episode that has been broadcast, after Liu Weiwei was arrested, he said every word in a gentle tone, but revealed a tenacious force, which showed that the role is not simple. From the first episode, it seems that Liu Weiwei is still playing the role of a mother. With the coincidence of the two identities, how can Liu Weiwei show the complicated fetters?

It is understood that with the development of the plot, Zhu hui'er, who is played by Liu Weiwei, will also present the audience with fierce conflicts, gunfights and murders. Seemingly weak, Zhu hui'er has burst out a powerful force when her family and country are in a rough situation. Another character that people can't open their eyes is Dong Ximei, played by Wu Yue. In the exposed stills, one side of her short hair is different from behind her ears, and the expression of low eyes and smile sets off the whole person's understanding and gentleness. I don't know what kind of story happened to her.

Seamless is the second time that Liu Weiwei has cooperated with director Li Lu. In 2015, in Li Lu's family emotional drama "take No.88 bus home", Liu Weiwei plays Shanshan, the stepmother of four children, who plays Gao Leng's alternative happy story. Through this play, Liu Weiwei's personality charm is fully displayed. After three years of cooperation, what kind of wonderful presentation can the two collide on the way of acting? Please lock in the broadcast of "seamless" on Zhejiang satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV at 7:30 every night.