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Bai Bing's crime of the original officially ends, challenging the complex human transformed criminal

Recently, the detective drama "crime of the original" starred by Bai Bing ushered in the finale, the biggest suspense of the play gradually surfaced, and the life experience and hidden secret of Wu Wenxuan played by Bai Bing were also revealed.

In the previous plot, netizens have been speculating that Wu Wenxuan seems to be hiding unknown secrets, burning test papers, the sudden death of the principal, all of which imply that things are unusual. It turns out that Wu Wenxuan has been insulted and abused by her adoptive parents all the time. Her hatred for her adoptive parents makes her plant a seed of hatred. So Wu Wenxuan meticulously forges a robbery and murder case, bewildering and killing her adoptive parents.

When Wu Wenxuan kills her adoptive mother, she repeatedly asks, "what do I call him? Each time the questioning emotion is superimposed layer by layer, from calm to out of control, anger, collapse, helplessness, hatred and other complex emotions are presented incisively and vividly, and Bai Bing's flashing tears, eyes full of resentment and anger, and small movements also make the whole character plump and three-dimensional in an instant. Many netizens call out: "Bai Bing's acting has made great progress, and it's a pleasure to watch." The performance of Bai Bing is also enjoyable and eye-catching.

When Wu Wenxuan is interrogated by Chi Zhen, who is played by Zhai Tianlin, she confesses her crime but refuses to disclose the cause of the murder. From a quiet refusal to a complete emotional collapse, Bai Bing once again dissects Wu Wenxuan's heart in front of the audience, so that everyone can feel her fear and unspeakable experience of the past, and feel her struggle and pain in the predicament. In the face of Lu Li, Bai Bing shows Wu Wenxuan's inner soft side. Her face is full of tears, but she still smiles and chokes. She asks him to take care of himself and gently wipe away his tears. She looks at Lu Li in silence, and her eyes are more reluctant to accept the trial. This kind of Bai Bing has to make the audience cry "heartache", and many of them hope to give Wu Wenxuan a better ending.

This time, Bai Bing boldly challenges the complex role of murderer in the original sin, which can be said to bring great surprise to the audience. From the tender and beautiful at the beginning to the killing scene at the end, Bai Bing creates a full-bodied character with exquisite acting skills in the play. With the promotion of the plot, Wu Wenxuan's role level gradually emerges, subverting the audience's original impression of her and making the tense and exciting plot more exciting. And she also made a great breakthrough in acting skills, challenging the new role height. "Sin of the original" officially ended, Bai Bing won everyone's recognition and support with her own strength and efforts, and this work will also become the best proof of her self breakthrough, looking forward to Bai Bing bringing us more surprises and better works!