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Zhao Shaobo's first single has made great achievements, and love you has completed its transformatio

Zhao Shaobo, a new singer who has been born, has released her first single love you. In less than a month since its release, it has won a lot of attention. It has received a lot of attention and Discussion on micro-blog, WeChat, jitter and other high-end high-end traffic platforms. Zhao Shaobo also officially transformed professional singers to open the singer's tiktok because of "love you".

According to statistics, only in December 18, 2018, on the day of issue, "love you" hit the popularity list of QQ music list, and even once reached the top of the list, and for a long time stayed with the popular stars of Joker Xue and rocket young people in the top ten of the popularity list. So far, they still remain on the front page of the popularity list. The high attention of the music platform directly proves the popularity of Zhao Shaobo. At the same time, social media such as microblog and wechat circle of friends have also gained 'screen brushing' communication and attention, with nearly 100 publicity companies. Microblog and wechat are famous for their timeliness, light content rhythm and easy acceptance by young people. Therefore, the heated discussion of the two social media has also made Zhao Shaobo and the new song "love you" win the attention and favor of a large number of young people in a short time; In addition, wechat music authorities wrote long articles commenting on new songs to analyze the concept and significance of new songs from a professional perspective, and there were dozens of original and forwarded songs; Sina tiktok, Tencent news, global entertainment and other authoritative websites have reported that more than fifty websites such as original and forward tiktok have been reported. More attention has been paid to the new social media, and the total volume of the total volume of the video is up to 653 thousand.

"Love you" is produced by Lu Hu and composed by Ning Huanyu and composed by Yu Lei. In recent years, Lu Hu and Ning Huanyu, who were also born as fast men, have made many excellent works. The theme song of "Yan Xi strategy" produced and sung by Lu Hu and "nobody" performed by Ning Huanyu have been well received, which reflects the high level of fast men's stage and the progressive efforts of the young generation of performers Their participation also makes the quality of the new song "love you" more surprising. With the help of two fast male predecessors, Zhao Shaobo produced and released his first single. His achievements and professional knowledge make the future of the new man full of infinite possibilities.