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Is Liu qiangdong's compound milk tea true or false? Netizen: an incomprehensible rhythm

The news of "milk tea Liu qiangdong composite" is flying all over the world. Yesterday, it was revealed that Zhang Zetian, the sister of milk tea, walked out of the gate of the airport with three girlfriends after recording the program in Nanjing and then took a bus to Liu qiangdong's mansion, which seems to prove that the situation has not changed. In addition, some witnesses said Liu qiangdong was photographed to go to the visa Hall of the U.S. embassy for formalities, and then left in a luxury car.

After the news of the milk tea sister's going to Liu qiangdong's mansion came out, the netizens left a message saying: "what's the situation?" Liu qiangdong drinks milk tea again? "Liu qiangdong and Xiaotian are reconciled again? Dongge, can't it be like this!" is it a combination or a situation that hasn't changed? "In addition, some netizens rationally thought it was a hype again," when you show how pure your love is in public, how to use dog's blood When love is hyped, do you think how disgusting and boring it is to tease the public like this?

However, according to Hua Han, the entertainment marketing operator who originally posted the photos of her sister, Zhang Zetian said: 'it's Zhang Zetian's people who ask me to help them make a publicity plan. We're positioning her to say that no plan is made at any time. School and internship are arranged step by step. "For her relationship with Liu qiangdong, Hua Han said: 'this is her cooperation with Liu qiangdong, which may be a relatively large business behavior. '

It's worth mentioning that Liu qiangdong's love affair with her sister is on delicate nodes. One is when Jingdong is facing the IPO, the other is when her sister enters the entertainment circle when she takes part in the variety show. It is reported that Zhang Zetian is very interested in going on camera. During the winter vacation in University, she also returned to Nanjing, where she worked as an intern director for more than half a month on the live Nanjing program of Nanjing TV station, and once reported local news in Nanjing on the camera.

One night, the reporter learned that sister milk tea came back to Beijing after recording the program from Nanjing. At midnight, sister milk tea walked out of the gate lightly. That day, sister milk tea wore a black sweater and blue jeans, simple clothes, but pink face and red lips, delicate makeup. When she walked out of the gate, she kept talking about wechat, following three girls behind her sister milk tea. They came to the airport hall together, clustered Holding the milk tea and joking, the milk tea sister's expression was relaxed, but she didn't utter a word. Then they all walked to the parking lot together. One middle-aged lady in a yellow down jacket seemed to be very familiar with the milk tea. She affectionately carried the arm of the milk tea and spoke enthusiastically, which seemed to make the milk tea happy. Although the milk tea kept smiling, she could see that there was something in her heart.

In the underground garage, a red Tesla electric car came to pick up the car. The milk tea sister took the car to go out many times. It was Liu qiangdong's exclusive car for her. Now that the two have split up, why does the car appear next to milk tea?

Liu qiangdong's compound of milk tea and what happened next were even more unexpected. Milk tea let his girlfriend in the Tesla, and he and the lady in yellow got in a simple horse six car and left the airport. Dozens of minutes later, the horse six car sent the milk tea sister to a senior apartment near the North Fourth Ring Road. This apartment community is exactly Liu's Qiangdong's mansion. Last year, after the milk tea sister returned to China, the two have been living together here. Now they have separated. Why does the milk tea sister return to her hometown?