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Guo Fucheng, the king of the stage

&#On December 31, Guo Fucheng, the king of Asia, held the fifth concert of his "code of dancing forest" world tour in Shaoxing. As the last performance of the year, our ah Wang has brought an absolutely shocking performance to all the audience, and we are here to count down the new year together, marking a successful end to the past year.

There is always an idol that we are proud of;

There is always a spirit to lead us forward;

Guo Fucheng and his "spirit of dancer" give us the most colorful music chapter;

That night, Guo Fucheng's "Wulin code" continued the shock and brilliance of previous stations. What's different is that as a big performance, Guo Fucheng also purposefully "increases the amount without increasing the price". He performed on the stage for three hours, showing his extraordinary strength. The audience's applause and cheers also made the concert at the climax of the atmosphere.

In order to express their love and support for Guo Tianwang, the audience even played the lantern of "Chengcheng, eat spicy pot together". In the face of everyone's enthusiasm, Guo Fucheng not only gave back to you with his most powerful performance, but also showed his "city style" humor and interacted with the audience. Because it was a cross national day, Guo Fucheng was very warm to work with you to count down ahead of time and cross the new year together Guo Tianwang and ten thousand audience cheered together, leaving the most classic moment of the concert.

Every performance is a breakthrough and transcendence. Guo Fucheng, who will never repeat himself, can be said to bring the 'dancer spirit' into full play. The "naked eye 3D concert" composed of all-around singing and dancing, intelligent stage, top audio-visual, etc. has made Guo Fucheng's "code of dancing forest" the pinnacle in the hearts of fans. Different from previous concerts, this time Guo Fucheng joined hands with entertainers to complete 100 concerts around the world, which is not a small challenge. And Guo Fucheng and our organizers are not only confident that they can do it beautifully, but also let the global audience feel the charm and legend of Chinese music.

[code of dancing forest] the world tour starts from Guangzhou, and has passed through Wuhan, Nanjing and Shaoxing, which has just ended. The audience is very popular, and the fans are even more generous in praise, saying that 'this is a real king's concert, an unspeakable shock'. All this proves that Guo Tianwang's concert is so 'value for money'!

January 18 / 19 Macau station

New year, Wulin '19'.

Entertaining people, creating Xiaomei studio, opening a new journey of Chinese music

Guo Fucheng landed in Macao on January 18 / 19

Stepping into the new year, we will be full of more energy and move forward to our dreams. Next, Guo Fucheng will take his legendary dance forest to more cities and regions. The first stop in 2019 will be held in Macao on January 18 / 19, opening a new era of Chinese music. At this concert, Guo Tianwang also revealed that in the next concert, he will also change his hairstyle and 'dancing forest' color to bring a new image. At that time, we believe that this' King of change 'will also give you more surprises.