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Zhao Da's "big river" ends tonight, and his acting skills are bursting into tears

The contemporary TV drama "the great river", produced by noon sunshine, produced by Hou Hongliang, directed by Kong Sheng and Huang Wei, written by Yuan Keping and Tang Yao, starred by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian, and starred by Zhao DA and Shi Shi, will have a grand finale tonight. The ratings of the show not only won the champion of the network, but also gained a high reputation, with Douban scoring as high as 8.9. The success of the play is inseparable from the creative team's inattention and the precise performance of the actors. Among the powerful actors, Zhao Da's interpretation of Xun Jianxiang has attracted much attention. Whether it's the outspoken and fearless "pretty boy" Da Xun, or the more vicissitudes of Xun Jianxiang after the transformation, Zhao Da's solid acting skills over the years will help to achieve this goal With a multi-faceted character, the difficult character portrayal has attracted netizens' attention several times and won the audience's praise.

As a work with the theme of reform and opening up, great rivers focuses on the pioneers of reform in that era. Zhao Da plays Xun Jianxiang, a modern four piece set of toad mirror, catfish head, flowered shirt and bell bottom pants. His overbearing and high-profile temperament and casual cute temperament all add a lot of comedy color to the play. However, with the progress of the plot, Da Xun also pays for his impulsive moment. After five years of transformation, Da Xun is no longer there, On the contrary, it has become a stable and self abased man. From being young and frivolous to mature and introverted, the characters have higher requirements for the acting skills of the actors. Zhao Da, by virtue of his super high ability to understand the characters, perfectly presents the most essential side of the characters. The sentence "brother in the future cares about you" makes countless audiences cry. Netizens also gave full affirmation to Zhao Da's interpretation of 'xunjianxiang': 'it looks like a dissolute and uninhibited person, but in fact it is kind and enthusiastic. It's easy to be a person and do things clearly! If you envy such friendship, you'll have to find the same money.

Zhao Da, who has been on the road for many years, has successfully created many popular characters, such as the army dog team leader plateau in the TV series "magic dog", the humorous and funny "Wang fatty" in "ghost blows the lamp", the justice and awe inspiring anti drug police Dazi in "undercover", Zhu Nan in the movie "behind the scenes" and Qiao Fangyuan in "sky hunting". In addition, in "top secret custody", Zhao DA has made great achievements There are also outstanding performances in the song of joy and the song of joy, which have left a deep impression on the audience. As an actor, Zhao Da is not limited to the role itself. He constantly seeks diversified breakthroughs and has the courage to explore the characteristics of multi angle characters. His spirit is deeply recognized by people in the industry, and also shows the audience his precise acting skills and unlimited possibilities as an actor. I believe that in the case of industry consensus, he will bring more excellent works to the audience!

It is reported that Zhao Da's new play "the door of wealth" and the film "transition space" will also be broadcast one after another to meet you. Please look forward to it!