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Xu Zhengxi, Zhai Tianlin, Xu Donghuo (photo)

Tonight, the super online drama "the insurance investigation of the patron saint", CO produced by the Shaw Brothers and iqiyi and shot in Prague, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the mainland, continues to be exclusively popular in iqiyi. Although the play is co produced by China and Hong Kong, its cast does not make the audiences in Hong Kong or the mainland feel 'acclimatized', just because the protagonists in the play are both from Hong Kong and the mainland Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze and Liu Xinyou are familiar with the senior strength actors.

Xu Zhengxi, Zhai Tianlin and Xu Dongdong are unexpectedly angry for their wonderful performance

The supporting actors in the play are also well-known movie and TV drama stars Xu Zhengxi, Zhai Tianlin and Xu Dongdong. The plot refers to a number of accident topics, including 'dust explosion incident', 'mini warehouse fire incident', etc., extending from various accidents or man-made incidents to the insurance problems behind them. In order to produce these movie level scenes, the crew went to Prague and other cities In Malaysia, Hong Kong and the mainland, there are big scenes in almost every two episodes.

Xu Zhengxi, Zhai Tianlin, and Xu Dongdong are surprised by their wonderful performances in the play. Although they are supporting actors, each role has its own point of view and highlights. Among them, Xu Dongdong, who plays the role of conceited star cicibaby throughout the whole play, has the most part in the play The audience laughed at the scenes of "fighting each other" and "falling in love and killing each other" with Huang Zongze.

Xu Dongdong's funny Xu Zhengxi's face Zhai Tianlin's acting skills

Cicibaby is also known by netizens as the "mainland grounded version of qiansongyi". It can be said that it is very appropriate. Xu Dongdong is very popular with his super talent in comedy, and Xu Zhengxi is also unique. From the beginning of the series, he knew that Liu Xinyou had a long lost boyfriend, and when this boyfriend appeared, most of the audience were attracted by Xu Zhengxi's beautiful super beauty I just want him to stay a little longer.

Xu Zhengxi's Ken is not only charming, but also infatuated. He is gentle and single-minded. In this week's live dead case, Zhai Tianlin's anonymous doctor Huang Jinrong is about to go online. Originally timid and cowardly, he evades everything from the beginning to learn to bear and even dare to give everything for his brother and family. Zhai Tianlin's superb acting shows the great power of human nature and brings great joy to the audience in front of the screen Emotional shock, fire is also a matter of course.