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Liu Xuejing joins hands with Grammy award winning music production team to create "space feast"

Everyone is a planet, and every heart has a universe. From the beautiful and changeable 'music fairy' to the 'space Walker' of the music universe, singer Liu Xuejing returns with her new album "Lost Planet"! Different from the first personal EP g.ream, in this new album, Liu Xuejing starts her own music creation journey for the first time. She not only tries to compose lyrics and music, but also participates in the whole process of music production. She can be said to do everything by herself, expecting to complete a 'most current' and 'most Liu Xuejing' music album. In the countdown to the new year, the new album title "Lost Planet" hit! As the first work of Liu Xuejing's music creation, the song "Lost Planet" not only integrates Liu Xuejing's most true feelings, but also is fully created by the world's top music production team Mr. fantastic. With the most free and gorgeous listening experience, we can enjoy a space odyssey.

The combination of Chinese and western, tianmaxiangkong! Liu Xuejing turns into a space Walker

Both the agency and Liu Xuejing attach great importance to the music album that Liu Xuejing participated in for the first time. They specially invite Mr. Liu Xuejing to work closely with many Grammy winning artists and international famous brands. He is also the world's top music production team of Royal producers of Disney, Fox and other film companies Fantastic, the first hit song of Liu Xuejing's new album, lost planet.

Liu Xuejing said that she was very happy to learn that she had the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Fantastic: "I like their music very much. At the beginning, when I sent the demo, I struggled for a long time and wanted to be perfect in all aspects. But later, I felt that only the works that best reflected my feelings could stimulate the state, so I had the opportunity to cooperate with the song "Lost Planet". 'in Liu Xuejing's view, this cooperation is undoubtedly a wonderful and unforgettable experience. On the one hand, there is a constant collision of inspiration in the creation, and on the other hand, there is a meticulous and rigorous production process of repeated communication and polishing. The song "Lost Planet" is based on the European and American R B that Liu Xuejing is very good at, and skillfully integrates the elements of Chinese style. When the music chassis is very westernized and the timbre of instruments is very Oriental, it's like a free and unrestrained space walk, free to explore every unknown and ever-changing. At the same time, Liu Xuejing's keen touch of music and excellent performance of songs also won the favor of Mr. fantastic, praising Liu Xuejing's brilliant talent and bringing a new and unique wonderful voice to China's RB.

Liu Xuejing's first creation of "eccentric", lost planet breaks the opposition and enjoys weightlessness in space

For Liu Xuejing, lost planet, which is the first attempt to compose lyrics, has a unique meaning. Since lost planet, Liu Xuejing has been trying to write words and even compose music. She has really created her own music works and played the stress overture of this new album. As for the original intention of her creation, Liu Xuejing admitted that she was encouraged by the company's leaders at the beginning, and then she had the idea of recording the current state and voice. In the process of writing Ci, Liu Xuejing gradually felt her growth, and also experienced the constant discovery and Deconstruction of herself. Like the branches of a tree, she could branch out many moments and states. Therefore, many new songs were created in the album, which were lively, also 'the most current' and 'the most Liu Xuejing'.

However, while feeling full of creative motivation, Liu Xuejing is also worried about the consequences of the "little quirks" in her creative process. Liu Xuejing said that she had to be in a relatively closed and dark environment, lighting candles and aromatherapy, and eating chocolate every time she was singing. She felt that her mind was turning very fast. When Liu Xuejing was working with the producer in the studio, she kept talking about chocolate, so at the end of a production cycle, the original "Fairy" became "little fat girl", and even the agent had to "play hard" not to lose weight, not to take album promotion photos!

When talking about the space imagination of the new song "Lost Planet", Liu Xuejing said that she has always been looking forward to being a space walker, exploring and enjoying all the unknown things and rapid changes in a state of complete weightlessness and no pressure. In Liu Xuejing's view, we live on the earth with too much pressure and opposition, people and others, people and society, people and nature & hellip; & hellip; when people force themselves off to the other side of things, they lose their real freedom. The universe is big and weightless. Breaking the binary opposition and wandering freely are also the inner state Liu Xuejing yearned for when she wrote this song. Everyone is a planet, and every heart has a universe. When life gives you pressure and makes you not free, you might as well go back to your heart and have a 'space walk', just like the song in the lyrics: "indulge all the time, embrace all the details, and enjoy the innocence without stopping".