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"The little demon's golden castle" ends with Lian Kai's wonderful interpretation of ultimate father'

Adapted from Rao Xueman's novel of the same name, the youth healing online play "the golden castle of the little demon" will be closed. The play, led by the powerful actor Lian Kai, interprets the laughing story of the worried father 'Lin Huanzhi' and the adopted daughter 'Qiqi'. It brings the audience infinite touching and youthful memories in the early winter. In the play, 'Lin Huanzhi' shows a touching father's love to the audience with her extreme acting skills from seeking her daughter at the beginning to planning for her, from discovering her illness to insisting on her faith.

All the way forward, constantly challenging Lian Kai: role is more than everything

At present, the play is nearing the end of its broadcast, with Lin Huanzhi, played by Lian Kai, dying of illness in a reluctant voice. As for the role of Lin Huanzhi, Lian Kai once said that he is a very full-bodied character: "generally, when choosing a role, I will first look at the role he must play. I think that a full character's heart must have a lot of emotions and changes. So when I take part in a work, my main concern is the role. As for the breakthrough and challenge brought by playing Lin Huanzhi, Lian Kai said that it is undoubtedly the role modeling: "in the play, Lin Huanzhi is suffering from gastric cancer, and people with gastric cancer will always get thinner, but our shooting time is very short, and it is difficult to control his weight in the early, middle and late stages, so the way I think of is to make him look gaunt and puffy. As long as I play a gaunt play, I will drink more water the night before, so that my face will be swollen the next day. Then I will cooperate with the makeup artist's adjustment, such as increasing the bags under the eyes, deepening the complexion and so on, so as to make myself very bloated. '

Many works are ready for release, fans shout: want to see Lian Kai fall in love

As we all know, in addition to being a senior strength actor, Lian Kai also has another identity - physical special effects artist. He is quite accomplished in special effects. He is recognized as no inferior to his acting strength in the industry. His works won many awards, such as the best special effects makeup award at the siches International Film Festival. This year, as a performer, Lian Kai has been acting in many films and TV works such as "escape from Belgrade" and "Da Tian Peng". His starring "prison boy" will also meet with the audience in 2019. Interestingly, most of Lian Kai's works in recent years have not been happy, from Yang an, the infatuated guardian in Yang Men female general, to Fei Yi, who let go of love in crossing the sea to see you, from Qi Ruhai, who lost his love in negotiator, which was popular at the beginning of this year, to Zhu you, the affectionate swordsman in the movie world's first escort agency Ending, so that fans crazy shouting: "want to see Lian Kai fall in love! '