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Li Yuchun's mouth is cute. He pretends to be a koala netizen and rolls three and a half circles on t

Li Yuchun pretends to be silly Koala

Li Yuchun, the official microblog of Li Yuchun, has always been cute. Now it's even more cute with cute animals. Last night (January 19), Li Yuchun's official micro blog published a cute photo of Li Yuchun wearing a koala suit. In the photo, Li Yuchun wearing a koala suit, wearing a koala hat and a cute mouth. He is as naughty and cute as a child. The netizens saw spring and spring in this shape, and all of them were adored. Some netizens have even been rolling around for three and a half times. Others have joked that the longer Chunchun looks, the smaller Li is!

It seems that Li Yuchun is influenced by the self-made animal star reality show "wonderful friend" of Hunan Satellite TV, becoming more and more loved. It has been confirmed that Chunchun, who has joined the program, will enter the stage so soon, which makes people look forward to her performance in the program. In this program, stars not only work as animal keepers and learn various skills of caring for animals, but also live together with orangutans and parrots 24 hours a day.