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Xu Dongdong's "Guardian God" is like a thousand Song Yi netizen: I really want to be her boyfriend (

Recently, the super online drama "the insurance investigation of the patron saint" starring Xu Dongdong, born in the 1990s, is being exclusively broadcasted on iqiyi. Every case in the play turns around like a suspense case. In the latest plot, the sharp and high-energy multi emotional mainline of family property disputes and heart abuse entanglements makes the show both popular and popular High, getting better and better, "sharp and powerful plot" and "close to the truth behind the insurance investigation, directly poke people's heart" have attracted widespread attention in and out of the industry.

Cicibaby is like qiansong Yi people

In this brain burning, rigorous and fast-paced industry drama, cicibaby, Xu Dongdong's "proud and charming star", can be regarded as a clear stream, which makes the public feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Like all little women, cicibaby has a bad habit, such as willfulness, money worship, conceit and ability to work. But the most valuable thing about her is that she can let you accept her because you love her To enjoy her many shortcomings.

Xu Dongdong's natural and delicate acting skills make cicibaby vivid and vivid. This role is also called "mainland grounded version" by netizens. It's only because they all have the identity of "big stars". They are fashionable, sweet and weird. They are also full of controversy but insist on their own feelings. They are also Aquarius, with beautiful long hair, full of femininity and good appearance Proud to face, the heart has its own small insist.

Xu Dongdong's "Han fan'er" and "Hong Kong flavor" have no pressure

Along with the progress of the plot, cicibaby accidentally falls down because she is in a trance. Song Ge takes her to the hospital. Cicibaby also takes this opportunity to start her daily life of being a girl, falsely claiming that she is hemiplegia and will be paralyzed for life, which makes people busy again. During this period, all kinds of laughs make people laugh. Finally, cicibaby takes the initiative to confess to song Ge that they are reconciled In the beginning.

Xu Dongdong not only has a sense of Korean fashion, but also has a sense of Hong Kong humor. She shows the subtle movements on cicibaby's body just right, and shows her complicated and tangled heart accurately. Her arrogance and coquettishness are lovely, and her grievances are funny. People can't help but laugh. All kinds of details will be highly praised. Many netizens said: 'I want to laugh when I see Xu Dongdong Such a girlfriend ','cicibaby is the only source of joy in the play, like to see her' and so on.