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The commercial value of this year's actor Jin Han and LV Jiarong

The list of the most popular actors in 2018 is fresh! The endless stream of excellent IDO in the entertainment circle can always bring fans full of positive energy and light up people's lives with their own light. This year, the mainland actors with the most commercial value are Jin Han, a post-90s actor, and LV Jiarong, a TV drama in Tsing Yi. Jin Han is popular with the beautiful image of a sunny youth. LV Jiarong is dignified and has a quiet life. Both of them have made remarkable achievements in their respective films and TV works The following is to elaborate on their achievements!

'Li Zhicheng' plays Jinhan's career

In the recent ending of you and me, the 25-year-old actor Jin Han won the recognition of the majority of the audience for his amazing acting skills. At the same time, he played Li Zhicheng, a sincere, brave and sunny character in the play, which made many audiences say that he was a fan of the road. Some passers-by commented that Jin Han was clear-cut, but he was even more involved in filming the play His new partner with Zhao Liying has aroused the appetite of countless audiences, and his steady acting skills have made Jinhan gain soaring popularity this year.

Of course, before that, Jinhan was just a young man of literature and art who worked silently in the entertainment circle. He took part in the youth movie whose youth is not hot blood, and cooperated with Tang Yan and Luo Jin in the TV series Jinxiu Weiyang. This year is a year of rapid development for Jinhan. This is not only because of the commercial value explosion caused by his own flow, but also because of his continuous efforts More and more businesses are optimistic about the development of Jinhan, and he has been looking for his position in the entertainment industry.

Lu Jiarong's annual success of "flow harvester"

Lu Jiarong, the well-known 'goddess of the Republic of China', has played in many well-known TV dramas with high production, such as "marriage of scenery", "life as if we met at the beginning" and "execution sword". On the screen, LV Jiarong is not only outstanding in appearance, but also impressive in acting skills. With the popularity of her works, LV Jiarong has gained popularity Lu Jiarong is a new generation of "flow harvester", which is full of resources.

As an actor, LV Jiarong's acting skills and strength can not be underestimated. At the same time, she is also a public figure with positive energy. Her appeal is reflected in her continuous contribution to the popularity of the brand. This year, LV Jiarong was active in the public's field of vision, won the affirmation of both the audience and the brand, and also won the endorsement of many advertisements. She has become one of the best 'gold Queen' in the entertainment circle. I believe that There will be better and better resources waiting for LV Jiarong to show her skills!