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Wang Yuchao's "the family in that city" gives a clever way to solve the gap and study the script for

"The family in that city", jointly performed by Ma Yuan, Tong Lei, SA Rina, Li Jianyi, Wu Di, Zhang Yabei, Wang Yuchao and other powerful actors, is now on the air at the Golden Eagle independent theater of Hunan Satellite TV. More than half of the plot has been in progress, the popularity continues to rise, and there are many Douban high scores. In yesterday's plot, sun Lei (played by Wang Yuchao) takes Da Shuang (played by Wang Yanzhi) home to exchange the two sisters and let Da Shuang go to Yang AI's house for dinner, hoping to resolve the gap between them. Many viewers say that this kind of operation is still possible?

Don't play cards according to routine

The family gradually accepted the existence of Zhou Dashuang, but their strangeness and estrangement still did not get close. Sun Lei looked at the tangled small frost, thought of a wonderful way - take big double home. Lead Dashuang to understand the living environment where they grew up, let Dashuang get along with Yang AI, and know what kind of person aunt is. Because Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang are twins, they thought they would not reveal their plans, but they couldn't hide Yang AI's "pro" mother's eyes. They instantly saw through them, but they didn't expose them on the spot. Sun Lei's method still worked, successfully let the family off guard, resolve the estrangement.

Read the script for the characters and the actors are close to each other

"The family in that city" shows a story spanning 40 years from the 1970s to the present. How to grasp the role changes in different periods is a big challenge for all actors. Therefore, they often sit around to study the script and discuss the characters and the style of the times, which also deepens the feelings of the actors. Wang Yuchao, the actor of sun Lei, also said that this kind of study helped him a lot and he learned a lot from his predecessors.

Watching the family's relationship gradually get better and return to a peaceful life, the audience are just as happy as sun Lei. At 20:00 tonight, "the family in that city" will continue to be broadcast in the Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV. The family will face new difficulties in life. What happened? Coming soon.