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Song Qian, Li Yitong, Lu Jiarong and Hu Bingqing are shortlisted in the list of hot online dramas in

In recent years, more and more online dramas have been recognized by everyone. It is different from traditional TV dramas. It can be played by the audience at will, so that it is favored by many netizens. Nowadays, the development speed of online drama is extremely fierce, and more than 50 popular online dramas have emerged this year. Let's take a look at who is on the '2018 hot online drama list'.

Song Qian's acting skills of online drama "knot love" turn over

Although song Qian, who was born as a performer, has participated in many TV dramas, her acting skills are far less than her attainments in dance and are often criticized. This year, Song Xi finally made a beautiful turn over with her wonderful performance in the online drama "knot love & bull; the first love of a thousand year old". Song Qian's expression is very natural when she plays Guan Pipi. Compared with before, she has made great progress. It's not hard to see her training in acting skills. In the list of hot online dramas in 2018, "knot love & bull; the first love of a thousand year old" has an annual popularity of 77.45, which is also the reward of Song Xi's efforts.

Li Yitong's super plasticity highly restores the original image

Li Yitong is young but has super plasticity. In the remake of the story of the shooting hero, he vividly shows a charming, gentle and tactful Huang Rong, which is widely praised by netizens. In the online drama "the flatterer is boundless", Li Yitong reproduces his superb acting skills, portrays Wan Mei, a talented and tough killer, exactly the same as the original work, and has won the unanimous recognition of the original work.

Lu Jiarong's two dramas are shortlisted for crazy performance

The online drama "life if we meet again" and "my nanny's Manual" led by LV Jiarong are both shortlisted in the hot online drama rankings in 2018, both of which have quite good popularity results. No matter min Hongyu, a famous actress of various styles, or LAN LAN, a shrewd and capable agent, both roles have been molded into classics under the crazy output of LV Jiarong's acting skills, leaving a deep impression on the audience. LV Jiarong, who has been struggling in the performing arts business, finally handed in a most satisfactory answer to you this year!

Lonely world: Hu Bingqing's generation of virtuous Empress

Hu Bingqing looks pure and sweet, with a kind of refined temperament, did not expect to play a generation of virtuous empress lonely, but Gallo is handy. In the online drama lonely world, Hu Bingqing, through her real and delicate performance, transforms an innocent and willful girl into a generation of virtuous empress who cherishes the world, and makes the audience see her acting skills with a sense of hierarchy. Even the cross age performance does not have stage fright.