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Fast male Zhao Shaobo's first exclusive single "love you"

Recently, Zhao Shaobo's first exclusive single "love you" and the MV of the same name have been fully launched, announcing Zhao Shaobo's official debut and completing his transformation from a music dreamer to a singer. "Love you" has invited the well-known multi habitat artist Lu Hu as the producer. Ning Huanyu, one of the top four in the national finals, has composed lyrics and music, while Yu Lei, a well-known musician, has been invited to arrange the music. The strong creative line-up has made the new song well received as soon as it was launched.

As a multi-faceted artist of film, television and music, Lu Hu has made many excellent works since his debut. He has appeared in such hot films and TV dramas as "let's see the meteor shower together". In terms of music, in addition to releasing his personal album, he has also made and sang theme songs for TV dramas such as "Yan Xi strategy" and "Phoenix captivating the Phoenix". In addition, he has also been a singer such as Li Yuchun, Zhang Jie, Wei Chen and Zhi shanglihe As Ning Huanyu, who has also entered the audience's field of vision from the fast male stage and has developed in many aspects of film and television music, his recent performance "nobody" has been widely praised, and his lyrics and composition "love you" for Zhao Shaobo, the fast male's younger generation, also shows his talent in music The addition of Yu Lei, a well-known composer of Zhang Jie, Shang Wenjie and others, makes the song particularly surprising.

As a new singer, Zhao Shaobo's music has always been his dream. He stood out in the top domestic music program "happy male voice". Later, he made efforts to become more professional. "Love you" as the first exclusive single, Zhao Shaobo's performance is gentle, fresh, pure and not mixed with too many skills, just like his sincere and pure music dream It's only for creating the most popular works.